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Both golem and nec. Might + Fanaticism Travincal can nearly instakill everything if hits get through. Especially necro who teleports in a wrong place. But, I wouldn't really use anything else but a 4k HP barb for HC. He is safe enough to not be killed even when heavily drunk, or so I think. Everything else is just too risky. Okay, you could use Zealot, but he can't be nearly as good as barb.

As for influence of Obedience, it depends on what kind of style do you play with. Cold damage is pretty irrelevant for more casual play where it doesn't matter are you 1 second faster or slower. I'm, however, quite hardcore efficiency fanboy and to me every second counts since my goal is to test farming limits of the game. Such small thing as "cold damage" could very well slow me down enough to not achieve what I wanted. I'm not sure how much do you pay attention to such details, but sometimes it is quite remarkable what kind of miniature in 99.99% situations irrelevant details could actually influence your running and make you not break that 20s limit or any other limit that is tested.

In the end, last few days are exactly the proof what it really takes to improve from ~21.5s running to ~19.5 s running. Tons of tests and theorycrafting, and obviously in this case gear. It took me much longer to improve my Travincal sorc from 22s all the way down to 17.5s, it was simple correction of details and practice.

I know such improvements are irrelevant for 99% folks in here, but those improvements are the reason why I still play this game and why I bother testing limits. It became my gaming goal of diablo. While most people think how they could build another character for the new journey, I'm doing theorycrafting and practice testing to squeeze another 0.5 seconds out of my character. :D
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Running like this was never possible for me due to changing maps on Bnet (less relevant with regards to Trav except for council spawn location, but much more relevant for other areas), which I played exclusively until I stopped playing. Started again to play some 1.07 in SP, so I'm nowhere near any of this. I like the approach though.

Regarding Trav specifically I've only ever run it with a WW-Goldbarb, which I did for at least 3 ladder seasons, so I do know my way around Trav. With hork + collecting gold/runes/charms/jewels I obviously took a "few" seconds longer than 17.5
Then again you can't play more than 20 games/hr on bnet anyway or you get realm down...

I doubt I'll play D2 enough again to be rich enough to attempt this, but it's very interesting like I said. Please keep it up, especially the vids :)


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I know such improvements are irrelevant for 99% folks in here, but those improvements are the reason why I still play this game
I'm just curious, how many members do we have here? 100? .. 200? :p

So, 99% is everyone except 1-2 members? :rolleyes:

I know I'll never have the time/wealth to reach these levels. But, it's always fun to read/watch your exploits. ;)



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Well, I'm not gonna test that obviously, but I can easily calculate/estimate it. But, it won't be even close to typical WW barb or even necro. I assume sub 40s should be considered really fast for such character if that is even possible.

Double Last Wishes... good one there :D


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RFL is over, time to move on :D
Tournament I had in mind focuses only WSK area + Throne room, but no Baal waves or Baal himself. I'd need info when to host this tournament and I'll share what I have in mind for it. Comments are welcome.

Tournament name: The Worldstone Keep King Tournament
Duration: 2 weeks
Target area: WSK all 3 levels + Throne room
Items farmed for scoring system: runes and elite items

Tournament idea is to combine both runefinding and MFO-ing at the same time in not so popular WSK area which is arguably most diverse area in the game.


1. Areas we target are WSK 1-3 + Throne Room without Baal's waves or Baal himself. You can target those areas in any way you like, for example hitting only WSK 1 and 2 all the time, or only WSK 3 or all 4 areas... it is up to you.

2. Items we farm for scoring system are Hel+ runes and elite items.

3. We divide our playing time into sets of which each lasts maximum of 20 hours like on RFO or RFL. You are not allowed to start a new set before you finish the previous one.

4. Every set is scored individually, you can do as many sets as you want to, but you must choose which set is about to be scored for you. For example, in set 1 you did tremendously with runes but purely with items, and in set 2 you did the opposite. Now you decide whether you want first set or second set to be scored for you.

5. Screenshots of runes are not required, but I assume people would like to see them anyway. You are encouraged to post your findings...

6. ... but only after each round is finished! Don't post your qualifiers when the round is still going. You are warmly welcome to discuss your other findings however. But remember: Don't post your qualifying runes!

7. Cubing runes into higher ones is not allowed. In other words don't cube Pul runes into Um to get a higher score.

9. Versions allowed: 1.13-1.14.

Scoring system

Each reported set will be scored 2 times: once for items, once for runes. Only top 5 are scored.

Rune scoring system is the same as it was on Zodthon with these values:
Hel 0.5
Io 0.7
Lum 0.9
Ko 1.3
Fal 1.7
Lem 2.6
Pul 3.4
Mal 5.0
Um 5.1
Gul 7.1
Ist 7.5
Ohm 10.1
Vex 10.6
Sur 13.7
Lo 15.1
Jah 18.3
Ber 20.5
Cham 27.5
Zod 71.8

So, there will be standard placement with sets according to their runescore.

Second scoring is for items and here we will use typical MFO scoring tables for a85: Here

Then, second placement will be determined with items only.

After that, both scoring lists will have assigned points according to placement. Top 10 places get points.

1. 12 points
2. 10 points
3. 8 points
4. 7p
5. 6p
6. 5p
7. 4p
8. 3p
9. 2p
10. 1p

Points are combined from both tables to have final table with final score based on those points, Maximum amount of points player can have is 24 obviously, if he scores first in both scoring tables.

Tiebreaker for both scoring tables:
1. player with higher scoring item/rune in top 5 wins the placement
2. we check second highest scoring item and so on
3. If 1 and 2 fail to distinguish players, then they share the placement together

Tiebreaker for final table:
1. player who found higher scoring ITEM wins the placement
2. if highest scoring items are the same for all players, then we check highest scoring RUNE instead
3. if runes are also the same, then we check second highest scoring ITEM
4. if that fails, we check second highest scoring RUNE and so on...

Now, when to host this + comments are welcome, also suggestions too.


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Sounds nice, but I certainly wouldn't participate if it's in the near future, as I want to focus on my other characters first now. Maybe if it's in 2 months or so.


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I'll admit I'm not sure if many people would be as interested in a WSK tournament as other areas due to the higher number of variables at play in terms of rolling a map, monster spawns, build uncertainty, etc... but that's kind of what makes it interesting too. As for me, I'd play... if I get a char to a5 hell at some point. Probably best to wait at least a month or two after your RFL bonanza.

Although I'm not the researching type, there's a lot about WSK that I'd like to know. (@Gripphon I'm looking at you to do all the work for everyone) What levels do you want to clear? 2/3/Throne? Just the first two, or even one? (Off the top of my head WSK1 seems like poop monster types and backtracking to get there is no fun) What are the preferred monster spawns, and which ones would be automatic S/E, if any? Should you use a mass destruction AoE build or stick to a barb and focus on optimal MFing with runes as a side note? How good of a map is "good enough" since you may be rolling multiple levels? With more diverse and dangerous monster types, does the target MF threshold change since you may want to pack on more safety gear? Basically lots of stuff at play here.

Anyways Grip, I don't see much enthusiasm thus far, but I find it interesting. Maybe if people see amazing Gripgod YouTube videos they'll fall in love with the area and want to play? :cool:


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I picked WSK because I want something different of a tourney and WSK is one of those areas that are greatly ignored. It has high variety of monsters, immunities are impossible to avoid and to spice it up during this tourney you would have to make characters that are good at both MF and runefinding. I thought people might welcome the new challenge like that. Who knows what might be discovered by running this area. Maybe we find out some builds stronger than AT sorcs or something that were never tried because lolwsk.

I use all the relevant data from here, this page has precise numbers on everything and it is theorycrafting heaven. What areas to nail depends completely on the build since there are different amount of immune monsters to some element on every floor. Another interesting thing to consider when rolling maps. I already suspect it would be necro-sorc battlefield, but you never know what players might find out.


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If I wasn't playing HC I'd definitely run a Lightsorc in this one. Only one unbreakable LI on all levels and it's a wimpy Horror Mage. But then again, this place is insanely dangerous and it will be really hard to get good damage and MF going while maintaining reasonable survivability.

So yeah, I hope I'll have the time to participate and give my Hammerdont a break from the CS.


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WSK tourney sounds fun, I like the monster diversity and challenge here. It will be interesting to see what strategies players come up with.


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I would be down for wsk tourney. Indeed, good variety and high level drops. I want it to wait though, until I'm done leveling to 99 in 1.09. btw, why is vex worth more than ohm? Ohm is rarer and just as useful.


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Because Vex is rarer, so it is worth more points. Rarity of runes is mixed up in 1.13+. Before 1.13 the higher level rune was, the rarer it was. In 1.13+ Ber is rarer than Jah, Lo is rarer than Sur, Vex is rarer than Ohm, Ist is rarer than Gul and Um is rarer than Mal. It takes time to get used to that, but its like that. Points are given according to rune rarity rather than some in-game value or their level.