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Hardcore is too hardcore for me. In fact I don't even particularly care for most of the enemies. Mephisto is pretty chill though, he's alright. If Mephy dropped Tyrael's I wouldn't do anything else.


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Hardcore is too hardcore for me.
I found that Hardcore simply brought the worst out in me. I usually play very aggressively, but when I play HC I tend to go about things half-arsed and start to second guess my reactions. I get into more near death experiences in HC than I do in SC. Besides, I love running into a fight I know I cannot win and see how long I can last. Sometimes I actually win!


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Played hc once....died at 69...never recovered...never....that number will be carved into my soul for all eternity...:(


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Where's the best place to find charms of strength?
Well if you literally only care about maximizing the chance a found charm will have strength, then you want either ilvl 1 charms (for 3-4 strength on a grand charm) or ilvl 14 charms (5-6 on a grand charm). For the first set of strength suffixes (the 3-4) any grand charm dropped with ilvl 1 or 2 will have a 1/7 chance of spawning a strength suffix. The second (5-6) suffix is best on ilvl 14 exactly since ilvl 15 introduces multiple other suffixes to the mix, but still at ilvl 14 you're talking about 1/20 suffixes being that particular str suffix. For completeness's sake: for large charms you want ilvl 3 (2-3str) or 18 (4-5str) and for small charms ilvl7 (1str) or 22 (2str).

But while you could certainly run p8 act I normal with a holy fire paladin to farm them, I'm not even sure that would have a faster expectancy than just running Lower Kurast, and doing that in Hell gives you the ability to get skillers and steel charms and runes and jewels and just generally be a better use of your time. The rate at which chests drop charms is many times higher than the rate monsters do and few if any places give you faster chest popping than LK.


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Idea: can you put enough IAS on a fury wolf to ignore Baal's decrepify? I've got a 3os Tomb Reaver getting dusty, and I need some essences. Think three Shaels would do it? Or am I asking the impossible?

Edit: according to the online weapon speed calculator, two Shaels and 20% off weapon IAS will make me decrepiproof. I think I just found a reason to play my wolfman again.
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Attack speed calculator. For a question like that it just takes playing around with that thing, and there's no reason for you to not have access to it.

In general Decrep isn't a big effect on a fury wolf. Assuming at least 20 off-weapon IAS, one shael would have you at 5/5/5/5/8 regardless of decrep, and another one would max you out at 4/4/4/4/6 assuming you have at least 15 off-weapon IAS or slvl 26 werewolf. For two jewels of fervor there are a lot of permutations to hit 4/4/4/4/7 regardless of decrep, but slvl 27 werewolf and 40 off-weapon IAS seems the simplest. Changing it to a shael and a JoF would require at least 35 off-weapon IAS and slvl 27 werewolf (or 40 off-weapon IAS and slvl26 werewolf).


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Goober, or anyone who knows: where is the file that I need to be able to run multiple instances of 1.06b? I'm about ready to start muling, but have never done the whole multiple instances thing


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Goober, or anyone who knows: where is the file that I need to be able to run multiple instances of 1.06b? I'm about ready to start muling, but have never done the whole multiple instances thing
I have a copy at home, I'll see if I can find it for you after work.


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Question for today:

I have a cold sorc merc that actually is kind of decent, how do I find some faster cast items and kind of buff him a little with skills?


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circlet = 20%, armor = anything you can find like vipermagi, but i believe the runeword stealth has some fcr as well (tal eth?) and ofc spirit sword + wall of the eyeless shield


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There was a thread about FCR on cold iron wolf several years ago. IIRC:
Spirit Crystal Sword
Spirit in Eth Monarch
Andariel's Visage

Andy's and strength rune in armour & helm allows you to equip shield for 100 FCR and +7 Skills.


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Speaking of FCR...
Also little something for you guys. Even after 15 years of d2 you can still learn something new.
If you want your paladin to teleport at speed of 200 fcr, it's doable(and not only paladin, it works for most classes).

Cookie to person that figures it out :)
I just have to know how you did this! Or am I just getting trolled and not in on the joke?


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I'm collecting screenshots of my buddy Lord De Seis with an unusual auras. I have seen at least Conviction, Blessed Aim and of course Fanaticism. Now this: