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I would suggest that you keep playing zerker the "proper" way and you will eventually get used to him, perform faster switching of weapons, aiming with zerk and so on. It is build that takes time to master. After some time merc will be only helper and aura carrier while you will do most kills yourself.


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I'm going to assume the rules are more or less the same as in 1.13
Well, the 3 perfect gem reroll sets ilvl to 1, so for a high qlvl pelt, you should be able to get +2 or +3 summon skills toghether with oak. Would probably take a lot of rerolls, and I can think of better use for gems in 1.07. It would still be ilvl 1 when forwarder whereever though, so if you have tons of pgems in 1.09 it might be worth it.

This same thing goes for any high qlvl magic item which can have staffmods. Only way to achieve +3summon +3RS/SM necro shield/wand


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Managed to kill 1.07 HC sorc while doing cow runs.

I knew cows could 1-3 shot me easily but I hoped to get some lvls etc. Well not worth it. Good that phar rushed her and it wasn't that much of a time investment, but this is still shock, it's ugly and I'm not going to touch HC for a while now, and certainly not going to venture somewhere where something is more dangerous than simple rack. No tnx.

I guess character was cursed to die even before given that it had "phar" in its name. Good thinking by me in advance -_-


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That stinks. I am taking a break from HC just because after losing a few chars I decided that a hobby/game shouldn't be something that can ruin my day... and I haven't played it anywhere near as seriously as many of the HC players here. Although the feeling of accomplishment was so much greater with HC, the possible negatives were greater as well, and ultimately wasn't worth it for then...
I'm sure for you better players it's not so much of a risk, but deeds would be even more painful then I assume.
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And crazy, yes. Not much of a HC mentality. Lesson learned hard way.

Btw phar, I will have to beg gear once again most likely >_>


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Which would be preferred items to put the brand and wrath RW's in? Missing both for RW grail and now i found a demon x-bow that seemed like a nice option. Since i sometimes like to play the odd build i do want to put them in a useful item, so it's not just to get closer to completing the RW grail. Which is why i need you guys for advice.


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Wind always looked like something you would use in claw. Move speed, attack speed, ctc all work well with kicks. Probably greater talons for speed, since wind adds low damage and GT is best speed/requirements ratio.
Add in something useful for kicks staffmods, superior base, use twister charges and enjoy your repair bill :p

Also little something for you guys. Even after 15 years of d2 you can still learn something new.
If you want your paladin to teleport at speed of 200 fcr, it's doable(and not only paladin, it works for most classes).

Cookie to person that figures it out :)


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@Cyrax: Can't say I've calculated out what would be best for those two, but I can say that a Demon Crossbow (and, in fact, any crossbow) will max out at 11 frames per attack while Bows can go down to 9 frames per attack on sorceresses, assassins, paladins and druids, 8 frames per attack on barbs, 7 frames per attack on Amazons and 10 frames per attack on a Necro. It only takes 10 IAS to hit 11fpa on a Demon Crossbow, but if your gear setup gives enough IAS you will probably out-DPS the Demon Crossbow with any of the elite Bows and, of course, if you have lower fpa you will proc more. I don't have time right now and I'll probably forget about it, but if you'd like to compare the DPS of the weapons yourself, just plug in the numbers to a damage calculator to get your average damage then multiply that by your attacks per second (acquirable from the attack speed calculator) and you'll have the damage per second for each bow, minus procs of course, but for that it's simple that faster=more.

In short though, the answer is "it depends." I would want either of them to shoot as fast as possible, so it'd be a fast base if I wasn't willing to use a Faith merc and something like a Crusader Bow if I were willing to commit to IAS. Of course if your only use is on a Necro, then a crossbow becomes more tempting than otherwise.


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@Cyrax I found myself in the same situation, going for runeword grail while still wanting to make actual builds around them.. Haven't made Wrath yet, but I put my Brand in Demon Crossbow.

I made a Bear Necro, fully synergizing that Bone Spear. The best way to get something out of this juicy mod "35% Chance To Cast Level 14 Amplify Damage When Struck" is to go melee. About every mob will be amp'd.

Necromancer in Bear form will hit 8 fpa with Demon Crossbow iirc.

I could make a Pat thread for that char once it is actually finished... :)


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wait wat

The way the screen blacks, the teleport animation looks like the teleportation through portals in the Arcane Sanctuary or the Oculus CTC. But Zeal and Smite on right and left click? Who was teleport?


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Hey guys! Thought I might say hello to everyone here as I am a new member here and brag about a couple of cool drops I got today. I've played D2 on and off a couple of times in the past years, but mostly it was just messing around with it a little bit, maybe completing Normal, an act or two on NM and that's it. But now like 2-3 weeks ago for some reason I felt something pulling me back and now I'm neck-deep in the game and just can't stop. This time I started off as a Fury Druid and had a blast up until Hell, when my damage started begin being pitiful and I couldn't take three Fallen without using 4 health potions. Then I decided to try my luck at farming some bosses which I've never done before. Created a Blizz Sorc which just hit level 83. And for the past week I can't stop farming Hell Mephisto. It's been a long time since I've been hooked on something so much. My Atma stash is filled with hundreds uniques and set items. And while so far I don't have anything too cool to brag here, today I've had a really nice stroke of luck. I've mainly been looking for items to properly gear up both of my characters, so items like Shako, Ribcracker, Jalal's Mane and some more 'staple'' items were among my goals. And finally today withing my first like 5 runs of today, I got Dracul's Grasp, which I really wanted, The Oculus, which increased my Meph running time to ~35 seconds, and most importantly, this little beauty:
Jalal's Mane
Totemic Mask
Defense: 297
Durability: 15 of 20
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 65
Required Level: 42
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x4c2a3e7
+20 to Strength
+20 to Energy
+200% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +30
+2 to Druid Skill Levels
30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+5 to Mana After Each Kill
+2 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)

Gave me a rush. The like 1000 runs I've done so far were worth it it seems. Unfortunately, no Ribcracker and Shako so far. The Rib has been my most sought-after item since I started playing with my Druid. After reading a few guides for directions, I noticed it's mentioned quite often as a very viable item, so I told myself that I'd definitely get that. But well, you can't have everything I guess :D
I registered just minutes ago after finding that sweet Jalal's scalp, though I've been hanging around these forums for like a week and after founding the SP trading forums, was kinda surprised, I didn't think people were doing that. That cool drop that I wanted to brag about pushed me to finally register and soon I might dive into the trading forum for those couple of items I'm still missing.
Man, when I make a introduction somewhere, I can't seem to be able to shorten it even a little bit. I hope this is the right place for this post, cause I didn't want to create a new thread or something. But hey, it says 'Anything goes', right? :D
So yeah, nice to meet all of you guys, I look forward to talking to you and learning all your secrets about the game.


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Mephisto is first farming point for most players to find some of most useful items in the game. He is also first excitement point in diablo where new players realize he does drop nice stuff frequently.
But wait till you leave Meph and start farming some area level 85 like Ancient Tunnels or Pit to score some of big fishes in diablo world. Pindleskin is excellent target too, but he can't drop Tyrael's Might which makes him less respected target overall.