Anyone play Single/Open BNet, Non-Hack?


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Anyone play Single/Open BNet, Non-Hack?

Hey all,

I've been playing on and off for a few years, mostly single-player. I really enjoy multi, but A) Even with ~700 KBps downstream, BNet lag is omnipresent for me, so I prefer to play single most of the time, and B) I don't much care for hacking which means my options are limited for taking my single-mode characters into Open BNet games. I don't think there's anything <i>wrong</i> with hacking, per-se, I just think it ruins the fun for me, personally.

I have been known to accidentally dupe an item or three, since I back up all my characters on my machine and do pretty constant item-swapping. I delete those as soon as I realize it's happened, and since I never really trade with folks, it doesn't cause any problems out there.

Anyway, Anyone else out there striving to play mostly/all legit, i.e. not using hacks/bots/etc?


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I used to play single player a lot with my friend but once I tried ladder, I didn't go back.
I also tried open BN and that was the first time I tried some cheats (character editor) just to be able to duel those guys there.
I find it extremely addicting trying to collect/trade/find the rarest items the game has to offer on closed games and no, I don't use cheats there since it's not necessary, I only found it necessary on open games.
Single player is missing many cool runewords (and some uniques, I think) so I prefer ladder over it.


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check the single player forums. great people around there, nice and helpful, enjoy! :)
Ive always played single player, I hang out in the SPF and can confirm there are many SP players, and all the regulars there are legit. Although theres little way to prove it, we kind of have to trust people, of course we still get the occasional duper, but we flame them good and they dont make the mistake again, or leave.