Anyone live in Calgary?

Puck Nutty

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Anyone live in Calgary?

There is a real possibilty that I'll be moving to Calgary soon, and I have a few questions.

1. What is rent like? I'll probably be looking for a bachelor or 1 bedroom apartment when I get there.

2. What is public transit like? I would really rather not have to buy a car if I can avoid it.

3. What's it like to live there? High energy? Laid back? I'm not a party animal, but I am accustomed to a certain amount of energy in a city, since I've lived in Toronto my whole life.

Thanx, guys.


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I've heard that there is a huge housing shortage. There are people living in homeless shelters in Calgary but are teachers, lawyers, etc, simply because there is not enough places to live. IF you can find an apartment to rent, chances are the rent is astronomical.


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It's pretty hard to get any place to rent here, housing has gone through the roof and there's just way too many people. If you can manage to find a nice place to live though, this city rocks. I love this place to death and it's awesome.
Public transportation isn't bad, just gotta get used to the routes like you do for every other place. It's not really dirty or anything, in fact it's relatively clean. As for parties and stuff, it all depends on where you go.


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I almost moved there. Visited some friends this summer and decided to move to Ottawa from Montreal because things are just to expensive in Alberta in general.