anyone have any low lvl barb gear?


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anyone have any low lvl barb gear?

They dont need or could give up? My barb is level 6 and going up,up,up. Thanks

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I'm not sure what the policy is here on asking for items these days, but you can always take a look in the item giveaway thread (stickied at the top of the page) and see if anything there will help. The Sigon's set is nice for a beginning barb, or at least the hat/boots/belt combo.


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You should probably start looking in the giveaway thread. It helps to keep the front page clear of wants and whatnot.



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i used a complete Sigon's set for my barb which took him midway through Act 3 normal at /players 8 without ever needing a health potion before I switched over to better uniques. Get a decent weapon and that set will tide you over and you'll look quite stylish to boot.


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I could hook you up with some:

1. BloodFist
2. Sanders boots
3. Cathan Rings x2
4. Cathans Amulet (awesome combo with rings)
5. Twitchthroe
6. NightSmoke

Im even lucky i kept this low lvl stuff... dont keep weapons or shields. If you want this stuff, just give me your email and ill send u them.