Anyone have a good Smiter/Charger build?


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Illuminati said:
That was a waste of space... You know what I meant. Post your builds please.
Search my posts, I prolly helped ppl when they asked specifically.
...I do not want to write a freaking full guide for YOU.
If equipment is what u're interested in, pls say so.
If skills is what u're interested in, pls say so.
If stats is what u're interested in, pls say so.
If pvp tactics is what u're interested in, pls say so.

I offered my help when noone responsed and it's a waste of space?!? Geez.

shako, coa
verdungo, tgod
raven, LL/stats
hoz, alma, rare
mara, highlord
gore, rare

maxed hs, smite, fana, charge. rest in either defiance, vigor or zeal.

This is prolly the last time i post such things for a fellow paly. i think i cant satisfy the demanding ppl these days.


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1. I searched and didn't find anything about V/Cs. Perhaps I overlooked something. There are V/T, but no V/C guides.
2. Who is going to think of searching your posts for your advice when you give a reply like that? Something like: "I've posted guides before, so search my posts for them" would do.
3. If you didn't want to type out a huge guide, maybe you should post links to topics where you posted advice before.
4. Nice and short is fine. I didn't ask for an extensive guide. As a matter of fact, all I needed were the skills. I can figure out the equipment, stats, and PvP tactics. I also know how to look up IAS/FHR tables too.
5. Thanks.