Anyone had experience with Eternity word?


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Freezin'Ya said:
I was thinking maybe in a ethereal scourge?

im using an eternal-phase blade on my lvl 83 pally, its a good weapon and youll have no problems on hell, but for the cost of the runes you can make something better i think.. the runes are pretty damn expensive


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eternal have too little ed and therefore i think a phaseblade is one of the lesseer choice. You should stick it into a ethereal weapon since it have the indestructible mod


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only reason why i never made an eternity ethereal scourge is that the blinds target mod would overide my draculs life tap


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I have a 5 socket ethereal war spike waiting incase suddenly those high runes start raining all over me :lol:


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I have an eth eternity scourge and I love it. In my opinion it is a fantastic pvm zealot weapon, almost tailormade for them. Huge top end damage, good speed.
The hit blinds target, and slow are great for taking on big packs.

Killfrenzy, the lifetap cancellation is really not much of an issue I assure you. Think about it, when Draculs cast life tap, it does so in a wide radius. Even if the hbt cancels the life tap effect on one monster, its only one at a time. There will still be plenty left to leetch from. And besides, if its blinded it certainly wont be attacking you anytime soon.

I say go for it, make the Eternity, be different.

But for the love of god, dont make it in a non eth weapon.



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He he, I had a eth 5 socket cs and some runes lying around right after patch... i thought an eternity would be cool on my barb... i was wrong lol WAY to slow... but in a scourge for a pally, i hear they are pretty good vs monsters, although not as good as other weapons in pvp