Anyone got a 110ias Phase On east

Anyone got a 110ias Phase On east

i was wondering if anyone has a 110ias phase on East NOn ladder that i could try on my bear to see his speed and dmg im still not sure whether to use my griz or a 110 phas ethe last one i tried had 105 which wasn't 4 frame

so if anyone could let me try i woulc be very thankful


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Well, if you're just interested in seeing it's potential (May not actually be a thinly veiled trade attempt), I can hop on my ladder account and show you the 4 frame attack and calc the damage you'd have with Skills and Str.

PM me if that's all you want.


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I think he means to test it out. If you arent dueling the and then at time the phase blade can suck hardcore in elveling his druid.

Maybe I could help him with my test results.

Caddy - Look pretty on paper but not worth it. EDIT: The gains are are better in the 2 setups below. Sure you gain some phyiscal dmg and could mauls switch. However, that doesnt perform better than below in practice.

Phase - Good but your gonna need help with fire immunes. Something I did was get a Tiamets Rebuke and then socket it with a 1-90 Light dmg jewel. Those with every 4pa swing your doing around 30-350 elemental other than fire. Then add your physical in. The downside is crap *** block ratio from this shield. Could get some elemtal charms to help out. A might merc a bear and HOW helps. BEcause of the speed at 4fpa it is way better for pvp.

Lightsaber - Hilariously funny. I spent days trying to find a good weapon choice and a socketed 20% ias LS is actaully quite decent. With 20%OIAS you get 7fpa. Not great on paper but in use it is. If you want to kill pesky fireimmunes this may be the answer. Why? Look usually 1-2 hits will annilate anything. 4fpa is overkill. 7fpa is enough pvm. The mods on LS are also really helpful and this allows you to wear an SS because your doing what Taimets would be doing. Some may argue that your merc and bear should be enough but tahts ideally. THey are tooooo stupid to figure out who is dangerous at times. Because of the overall package, this baby is the best for pvm non-ladder that Ive tested so far.

IF pvp = socketed phaseblade.
IF pvm = socketd LS
If ladder PVM = Socketed AZUREWRATH
yea dude i wasnt trying to trade for one. Dont you think i know the forums well enou lol. And anyways my freind druidic_grove let me try his u all might no him from 1.9 he was a good druid. But thanks all