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Anyone ever try a Hydra Sorc

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Pherdnut, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Pherdnut

    Pherdnut IncGamers Member

    Sep 13, 2004
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    Anyone ever try a Hydra Sorc

    Damage gets up to over a thousand per hit and those things have a pretty crazy rate of fire. With four going at once, it's got to add up. Anyone ever try one. You'd still have 23 points to put into orb, which while not great makes for a feasible backup especially if you shave a little off of the synergies.
  2. anaksunamun

    anaksunamun Banned

    Feb 28, 2005
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    Yeah... I made one... its awsome until minons of destruction in nightmare, wich have a lot of fire resist... of course you can add points in FO first... but your hidras will be weak. This is the only chalenge you will have... after that FO will be high enough to kill every fire imune you encounter.
    I say... make one, you will have a lot of fun with it =]
  3. ArchAngel Tiberrius

    ArchAngel Tiberrius Banned

    Mar 24, 2005
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    I have been planning a Hydra sorc for some time. I mentioned this in another thread.

    Click Here

    Perhaps it will help you make a decision.

    For quick reference:

  4. harley98

    harley98 IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2004
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    I have an orb/static/hydra sorc and it works great. But I had a problem with the hydras not hitting things because everthing was moving around. I got an act2 defiant merc in norm which solved the problem. All the monsters would swam my merc and the hydras would bombard the group. Plus is was a lot easier useing static when they where around my merc.

    skill point:

    20 orb
    10 cold mast
    20 hydra
    20 fire mast
    10 static
  5. XX_Machina

    XX_Machina IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Okay. Heres the thing. Hydra sorcs are only good PVP.....and only if you can afford them. I have a hydra sorc thats PvP....and i have only lost once to a melee character, in about 1 000 melee characters. (casters and trapsins//fohers can be more difficult, but can still be conquered).

    I do a total of 60k damage at once with 4 hydras cast.

    I have all of the bonuses to hydra maxed, only the fire tree. and i have 1 pt in es. (the bonuses allow it to be a total of 50% dmg reduction)

    My Equipment:
    +2 sorc
    +30 Strength
    +20 Res All
    Other minor Stats

    +3 Fire//+90 Life

    Perfect Archon Enigma (15ed +775 Defense)-I use this simply because the defense helps so much when vs melee

    +3 fire//+3 Hydra//+1 Chilling Armor Orb Socketed with 5/5 fire die

    4*5/5 Fire Die E Bug Monarch (Again, the def helps a LOT)

    120ed Spider

    18 str boots for pre-req with archon

    2 Sojs


    10* Fire Skills Gcs (5 with fhr, 5 with 40+ life)
    The fhr helps, because if need be, i do 15k with Fireball, so i can spam a couple if a need to.

    20//20 Anni

    9*20life//5 res all scs

    6 Bo cta on switch

    I have a total of 2500 life, and 3500 defense.

    So what i do to kill:
    You go out, and u find a spot to set up camp

    You make a box around yourself, in about a 5 meter radius around you.
    and u just keep setting up the box.

    If melee tries to run circles around you, they cant, because u are in the middle of the box.

    Then they run at you//charge at you//tele on top of you.

    This is whats funny.

    Each fb that each head shootsout does 5k damage.
    With 4 hydras cast, thats 12 heads.

    All doing 5k damage, thats a total of 60k damage at once.

    Windy druids who tele on top of me get hit by it all at once.

    Chargers charge, and end up standing in the middle of the box getting hit by 60k damage.

    Barbs try to ww through ( i can usually withstand about 3-5 ww's from barbs, by whcih time they die beforehand)

    wwsins, same thing as barbs. they have more psn, except they have MUCH less def and res.

    javazons....if they try to thwor javs at you, run backa bit...theyll run at you, and since they run so fast, theyll be hit by the hydras before they have a chance do get away.

    hammerdins are easy...for theyre hammers to be in range, theyll be getting hit by hydras.

    trapsins. the trick here is to not tele. u CAN outrun the traps...just be sure u stay out of range of mb, by spamming a few fbs at the trapper, to get her to back off.

    fohdins, again, just keep at a distance.

    necros and other sorcs. its a mind game with them. u jst ahve to make them tele near one of your hydras and its over.

    bowazons. use the corners of the map, where u can stand in the little corner and be protected by the wall. tele back and forth and spam your hydras on the edge closest to the zon, but as far away from you as possible. eventually theyll make theyre way towards you, which you can then tele out and fb them when theyre running to try and trick you. you then need to tele back behind the wall jsut incase they dodge//evade it.

    if there are any builds i missed, just be sure to let me know.

    the only problem i seem to have is with absorb....but using absorb means that uve already accepted defeat, which is fine by me.

    if you have any questionsyou are welcome to PM me, or find me online at *XX_Machina oe *XX_Machina2
  6. ArchAngel Tiberrius

    ArchAngel Tiberrius Banned

    Mar 24, 2005
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    I would think that a Holy Freeze merc would be much better suited to this build, considering the chill from the aura would cause some serious slow...

    Glacial Spike could also be your friend...of course this would mean a dual element sorc.

    Most builds are Hell viable.

    A Hydra sorc has it's difficulties, but they are easily worked around with the right thought process.

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