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Anyone else trying an Abbott Avenger Build?

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by safetypro, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. safetypro

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    Jan 26, 2006
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    Anyone else trying an Abbott Avenger Build?

    Hi folks,
    I'm in the process of building an Abbott Avenger. Been gathering end game gear for a while and am interested in comparing notes prior to leveling too far. My plan is a balanced defensive/offensive Abbott with +to max resists, lots of absorbs and increased damage from gear. Am open to any ideas, comments or suggestions for the build.
    Here's my plan so far:

    1 to Cleansing (Main Aura Right Mouse Button)
    20 to Prayer
    20 to Vengence (Main attack Left Mouse Button)
    20 to Holy Shield
    6+ each to Resist Fire, Cold and Lightning

    Helm: Griswold’s Valor (socketted with 2 Sol runes for 14 PDR)
    Armor: Griswold’s Heart (socketted with 2 Sol runes and a 15IAS jewel)
    Shield: Griswold’s Honor (socketted with 3 pdiamonds for 102 total all resistances)(will replace pdiamonds with Sol runes with addition of Torch and Anni dependant on resistances)
    Weapon: Griswold’s Redemption (socketted with 2 Shael runes and a 15IAS/ED jewel)
    Gloves: Hellmouth
    Belt: Thundergod’s Vigor
    Boots: Infernostrides
    Amulet: +3 Paladin Combat Skills with 17 PDR
    Rings: 2x Nature’s Peace with 11 and 8 PDR
    Charms: 4x Paladin Defensive Skills GCs (2 with 6 dex each), A Steel GC (98 AR with 32 life) and a 13 all resistances GC

    Highlights of Build:
    - 3 to all skills (4 more with addition of Torch and Anni), 6 to defensive skills, 5 to combat skills
    - Max resists (10 to max for both fire and lightning) (and passive bonus to max from resistance skills) Resists will be around 90 fire, 80 cold, 90 lightning and 75 poison at lvl 90
    - 64 PDR (may add another 14 based on Torch and Anni stats and replacing pdiamonds with Sol runes in shield)
    - An additional 105 fire damage and 50 lightning damage from gear applied to Vengence
    - 110 IAS total to reach max speed break point in Caduceus
    - +60 str (only need 108 str for build, rest comes from gear)
    - 20 Cold absorb at lvl 80 from Gris Helm
    - 15 Fire absorb from Hellmouth’s
    - 20 Lightning absorb from Thundergod’s Vigor


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