Anyone else feel like quitting?

How many EL runes does it take to make a Zod rune?

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Anyone else feel like quitting?

Hmm, townkills, pathetic trades, and dupes beyond control out there. Ladder season is not a season, they should call it a ladder year, everyone is so cocky and rich it's beyond control.

And to top it off my buddy McSaladshaker quits! Why do I play? What's the point? Here's what I've done.

I've built some seriously godly characters in the ladder. I built an Enchantress who can make your weapon do an incredible amount of fire damage (probably the most beefed up on any realm). I built a BO Barb who can cast level 46 BO. My frozen orb sorceress can lay waste to anything with over 1200 orb damage, and to top it off my MF char (my fourth MFer) wears 50% travs, perfect CGs, Tals gear, Double Ist'ed AliBaba, snarko etc., and her merc wears Tals and Snarko. I've been PKed a total of 2 times, but have PKed probably a couple dozen people.

I've located a perfect 1/20/20/10 Annihilus that I found while killing Uber D for the bazillionth time, while I still have about a dozen imperfects on mules.

I have located about every single unique in the game. I've made a 4xIst Monarch, and located about 2 dozen Wizzys, a dozen Occys, a perfect Death's Fathom and perfect Death's Web. My luck has also granted me 4 Stormshields and an SOJ and perfect BK ring.

I've cubed a Pestilent Small Charm of Vita, and a Hibernal (8-20) Small Charm of Vita. There are also 2 Flaming and 1 Shocking sitting on mules.

I have a .09 build Bowazon with 100% Upgraded gear. I also have made some ethereal rune-worded weapons just for the helluvit. I lost my interest in necros because everyone is making them.

I have the godliest low level dueling gear, and some no-so-bad higher level gear. My favorite part of the game will always be Player Killing, but with everyone using Maphack again it's just not fun anymore. People are too chicken to fight, and that's just a shame.

I've hosted Ironmans with some good giveaways.

So I ask you. With all that I've done this ladder season, why oh why do I continue to play? I thought chasing the Beeef for his ear would be a new challenge, but I just can't seem to obtain the things I will need.

I like the patch and all, but I'm just bored anymore. And untwinked play is nearly impossible because it's all "kill Andy now" and "Do Council for us". I like to play pubbies, and not with known groups because it's impossible to get those games together when I am available to play.

If Blizzard had reset the ladder say every three months, that would be more than enough time, and would keep the game fresh and more enjoyable. But in the end the Ladder characters just became a new core character, starting like the game was just off the shelves and becoming out of hand within 4 months. Since the game is over 3 years old, it makes sense that only the die-hards are still playing it, and we die-hards need to have something to keep us stimulated.

I found myself so bored of trying to trade for anything (the MP is a fantastic failure for HC in this patch, and forum trades are never for things that I can use). The only people I truly enjoy trading with anymore are my Pgem regulars, who constantly trade with me the PGems they have found. I also have enjoyed meeting many people and making the many friends I've made, and when they leave it's so hard for me to continue because they become like IRL friends. None of my IRL friends play D2, and have no interest in it.

I guess the only things left are to be generous to those that are less fortunate than me. Or Sell it on Ebay. Or who knows. I leave it to you, vote in my poll.


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Hope you don't pack it in, but if you do, you could have a lot of fun with those riches before you go.

Host a scavenger hunt. Make up the most absurd list you can think of (crappy charms, cracked items, ethereal uniques, etc.), and watch people scurry for the goods.

Or you could become a Jabba the Hut, putting out sweet bounties on the ears of players who irritate you in pubbies.

Or you could host a treasure hunt, dropping items in undisclosed locations, and making people find them before the game deletes them.

And so on.

But if you don't do that, do the ladder economy a favor and just delete it all... don't give good stuff to the kids in the pubbies ;)


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I, for one, can't imagine playing D2 for three years straight. I usually vary between Brood War and DII. I seriously think you need to find another game you can attach yourself to for the next year or so, and then when you're bored of it, you come back to DII, meet a new ladder patch, and so on.


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Only quit if you have something else to replace the game. You know, don't jump out of the airplane without a parachute. If you do find something better, please let me know what it is. I have been trying to find a replacment game but can't find anything else that holds my interest. Besides, you cant leave. We haven't changed each others minds on the PK debate. :lol: I voted to for you to hold on to your items, you never when you might want to play again.



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Or you can try what Im doing. Seems to be working for me. Quit playing with all the godly gear. Try beating the game solo untwinked, or join groups or get together with friends and play without godly gear, start each charachter and play the game through with the gear you find, it is much more challenging this way. Damn I was hella excited the other day when my level 40 single player Pally found a Steelclash, I put a Pdiamond in it (dropped form normal forge) and am going to upgrade when I get the runes. You would of tought I found a Storm Shield. LOL


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that's a lot of good gear. if you quit, either sell it on ebay or give it off here i would suggest. i know i could have fun with that stuff.. for a while at least


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Corndog, I've done that. Problem is (like I said) people tend to have to go and never can play at the right times as me.

And Terry, you'll never switch me, so my work is cut out for me.


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Either hold onto it for when (when, not if ;) ) you return, give it away on the forums or sell it on Ebay, it sounds lame i guess, but hey, its all legit, and you can make a quick buck off of it, beats letting it rot i say!

Or... host ironmans where the prizes are really nice items!



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Just take a break. It seems like you're an awesome guy, with awesome chars and equip. Giving them away would be a waste, so just take a break. Cut down on playing or something. But if you decide to go, take care. Didn't know you, but I know you'll be missed.
I say sell it on eBay or keep it. Back in .08 or something when I quit I had some nice characters and nice stuff. I gave it all away and then decided to return and had to start from scratch. I did the same thing this ladder season... I deleted all my characters (not many) and all my items and then got bored and started playing again. I say just sell it on eBay and come back when the ladder resets.


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I guess the whole ladder reset argument is too objective. I can see that you have done all that and stuff, there's nothing you haven't seen/built. But for some people out there that don't know the in's and out's of the game, there is still a lot of thing that they can explore in the game.

Ladder reset is good for most of us who get bored, but not for those who only play once a week for an hour or two.

I have met this girl in Amazon Basin - her boyfriend introduced her to D2 and she had been enjoying it immensely. She's trying out different builds and is currently working on her bowazon. From what she told me I can remember my first time around playing a WW barb - it's a lot of funs to discover things yourself.

And then there's this 40 year-old father of two that I met the other day. He's the typical player that I mentioned above who only have 1-2 hours to play each week. He doesn't know squat about this game and I enjoy showing him around the d2 world and giving him some tips. Actually he's playing d2 with his daughter each week in cooperative games. I can tell how much fun he's having.

I'd also love to call for a ladder reset but it's just too selfish considering that I do not represent the whole of bnet community.

Anyway, back to your point. I want to quit as well. Certainly I haven't built all those godly characters that you have nor am I any good in dueling, but I indeed spend way too much time in this game.

That's exactly what prevents me from quitting - for those many hours I have spent playing this game, by quitting I'm like declaring that all those time I spent are not worth it - and I should be doing some other things instead (which is true)...

D2 is like an escape to me now. Maybe blizzard should have a super hard core mode where you are only allowed to build one character. When you die, you CD key will stop working and you can't get on to bnet anymore. Yeah that'll help somehow.


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Close to calling it all quits myself. Actually the only reason I still have d2 installed on my system is to log in and play with friends. If it wasn't for a select small group of people I doubt I would play at all. Collecting gear, making a new char, trying to tweak my builds so they perform better and most other things about the game don't hold my interest anymore.

The current state of trading, pubbies, and "hacks", I see there is a new townkill, definitely haven't helped my waning interest. A ladder reset might breathe a bit more life into the game for me again, but that is something I doubt we will see in the near future. But as it stands on the majority of bnet I think NOFX put it best "the idiots are taking over". If they haven't already.


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Well Connor, if I had all those items, I'd probably feel like quitting also, as finding better items is no longer possible. Therefore, you have finally finished the game. Usually with me and computer games, once I go through the game, start to finish, my interest wanes. With games such as D2, this is much harder to do, but I think you have actually done it.

1. Sell to Ebay, and get some $$ for your time invested (Possible)
2. Play less, but keep accounts active. (Easy)
3. Find something else to do and forget about this evil time-sapper of a game (Impossible)


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do what i did, pull the disk out for one last time. insert it into a cd flip folder and let the B-net gods take back what they so kindly gave to you. I also realized that this game has no point when i was rushing chars i would never use only to equip all the good items i have. I found 3 shakos and 3 SS, tals armour all kinds of other really good items in a short period of time and i am content to let the 90 day experation take them back. I had my fun with them, gonne leave it at that.


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Cleglaw, you nailed it RIGHT ON THE HEAD. Damn, I couldn't put it any better myself. I've finished the game! Just hearing you say that makes me feel so much better. I was worried there because I've gotten everything, wherein reality, losing McSaladshaker was kind of like losing my closest competitor (that I knew online).

Sad thing is I can't share my story with McSaladshaker... so hopefully he reads this post. This story is about what was probably the most fun I've had in a while, so all may enjoy in it.

So here goes: I built a PK zon, and got her to a level where she could use some decent gear (and hit IAS breakpoints). Charms were crap, anyone who challenged her would have a time, but not that much of a time. Just an annoying killer.

Anyhow, I take a break and hit the trade channels to see what's up. And I see TJ, a common friend of McSalad's and mine (whom we like to rag on all the time), spamming in the channels for elite gear. I am on my PK account, which nobody really knows (even friends) and decide to start flaming him by /w. He starts flaming back. So I tell him to join my game and back those words up.

What he didn't know what I had made the game and had my Level 44 Enchantress join up and gimme a 20 minute enchant and leave. So he joins up with his level 93 Necro, and runs out of town. I'm a level 36 Strafezon dealing enormous damage. So I begin shooting him and drain like half his life in a few shots, not intending to kill him or anything. If she was better built he would have been killed. I run back to town real quick avoiding his spray of Bone Spirits. I run back out and by this time he's made an army. Poor little zon couldn't keep up. I then tell him it's me, and he's in shock.

And the funny part: It was TJ's friend playing his necro, never having met me but hearing of me. I almost killed my friend's level 93 necro with a level 36 Enchanted zon, which wasn't being played by my friend. Now that was funny.

He did kill my zon on accident (skeles have a mind of their own, and like I said, she wasn't built to fight really, only PK). I think that's gonna be my new pasttime, pick fights with people in the channels, and kill their characters for them when they can't see it coming. I forgot about that, and it was tremendous fun.

Thanks Cleg! Your comment made me remember that I haven't finished everything, now I need to go after some high level chars with low level uber-killers, just for the hell of it.

Game on!


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Conner....I hate to sound greedy but....If you do quit then I would LOVE to have some low lvl pk gear...since im just starting out hc and all.....but the way I quit was I old my .09 account to a friend for $10.

Yes you heard me.

All the godly stuff you could imagine was on there...b valors b strings .08 gazes too many ss's to count...the friend hadjust started diablo and i helped him out pretty good ^^

turns out he was a prick though and went back and sold it on ebay for a gazillion dollars.

is alright im not mad though cause i think he had a fun time playing it for what 3 weeks lol

so if you want to force yourself to quit sell your account to a real life friend for mega cheap.

i hadddd to come back to diablo though i just couldnt help myself when the new patch came out but i think it was mostly cause my friends started to play d2

if you do quit for another game i reccomend call of duty...its one of the greatest first person shooter games ive ever played....if you like rts games then go for the command and conquer generals oone of my friends plays that and says its really great

i think thats about all my opinions but if you do wanna give me some low lvl pk stuff just let me know ^^


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ConnerMacleod said:
Your comment made me remember that I haven't finished everything, now I need to go after some high level chars with low level uber-killers, just for the hell of it.

Game on!
To quote Joan Rivers, "Can we talk". :lol: Just kidding. I'm glad I don't play on East anymore and I don't spend time acting a fool in the trade channels. :thumbsup:



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well dang, you trade tings for Pgems? do you want to trade me some IK set items for Pgems?

BTW, im glad for two things:

First, that you are not quitting!

Seccond, that i dont have any godly high lvl (75 trapsin is it) that you will want to PK :D

but dang, your the first person i knew to finish this game through and through. i lose interest every little bit, but i take a 2-3 month break and then come back for another 4-5 months and its all good.
You should really move on. You have done everything there is to do, and achieved the highest there is.

A game that might interest you is Bio-Fear, a diabloii simliar. Its free for a month. at [link deleted by ZappaFan - no advertising please]


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dont quit yet conner :p you're supposed to continue my crusade of pking the mounds of idiots out there on bnet hehe well good luck with your decision whatever it may be