Anybody want to get an old D2 player back up to speed? (haven't played in years)


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Anybody want to get an old D2 player back up to speed? (haven't played in years)

I used to play Diablo II almost non-stop years ago. I stopped playing right before patch 1.10 was released, so I'm pretty much clueless as to what has happened since those days. I quit mainly due to all the rampant hacking and duping going on, as well as the severely unbalanced character classes (zons and sorcs pretty much ruled the game).

D2 was by far my most favorite game of all time and I'm thinking about playing it again here and there when I have time. I tried WoW for a few months but I just didn't like it. I loved the huge world and all, but I miss the fast-paced, arcade style action of Diablo II. I always wished they would expand the world of D2 to something huge but keep the same gameplay style.

So, does anyone want to catch me up? What is the current "climate" of the game? How is hacking and duping? What are some good classes to play now (are they all balanced yet)?

It is wonderful to see that there is such an active D2 community. I really miss this game and can't wait to get started again. BTW, my favorite classes are the Pally, Necro and Druid.


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You'll be happy to know that Paladins took over for Amazons...and they stole a bit from Sorcs too. On average, there are probably ~3 paladins to every other character out there (a guess based on what I've seen). As such, all Paladin equipment is highly prized.

There are a couple new things, most notably a new World Event we call "Uber Trist". Hell Countess, Hell Summon (in the Arcane Sanctuary) and Hell Nihlathak all drop special items called Keys. Terror, Hate, and Destruction for Countess, Summoner, and Nihl respectively. For each set of 3 (T, H, D) Keys, you can transmute them into a red Portal (a la Cow Portal) in Act 5 Hell. Each one leads to a specific "Mini Uber", Lillith ("uber" Andariel), Duriel (duh) and Izual (duh). Each one of those guys drops a specific item called an Organ.

Transmuting a set of the three different organs creates another portal to Uber Tristram, in which there are three "Uber" versions of the Prime Evils. Upon the death of the final Prime Evil, a unique Large Charm is dropped, giving +3 to a random class' skilll, and +10-20 Stats and Attributes.

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and duping is still rampant... especially hrs.
also alot of new runewords :) eg. enigma which gives tele and str boosts, heart of the oak(+3 skills,fcr,resists) and such. and no more guided arrow hits 5 times anymore