anybody tried this ? if not why :P


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anybody tried this ? if not why :p

beast(zerk) avenger + elemetal auras from items.

-zerk deals good damage and only needs 20 ias to reach max vengeance attack speed
-conviction helps with AR , vengeance and elemental auras dam output
-rez ligtning,fire auras are sinergyes for vengeance and elemental auras

Could some PVP viable Paly be build based on this ?


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ar and attack speed will be main issue

can u hit zealots or barbs? can u hit fast than them? if u cant get ar or speed close of faster than them its gona be hard in pvp

and against casters their is ...a lil more than no hope for u


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vengence is a nice skill but it swings pretty slow imo. zerk barbs are slow too but they have massive life and additional skills to help it so they are viable. maybe you can mix it up with a templar build or something...


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well, if you wanted to try a pvp avenger, you should go for skills that normally no one would stack against. for instance, I would max resist fire. Gives you massive fire damage and *no* one stacks it, at least not on non ladder. You need something with reasonably high, consistent physical damage that is fast, so if on non, an ebotd beserker axe or warspike is probably best. On ladder, you options get cheaper (and more varied) thanks to runewords like oath. conviction will lower defense somewhat, but not enough to truly matter. go for massive+ar boosters and you will have to max vengeance. No option here. actually, now that I think about it, a viable option could be an eth nords. Its reasonably fast, has an insane ar boost, gives nice +cold damage (boosted by conviction), and would do decent physical damage. You would likely still want to use a demon limb on switch, and you will still want maxed holy shield (defense is very key to any melee based pally). deadly strike (for once) is not your friend, meaning that war travelers are the best boots, hands down. +damage (outside of straight + damage like that found on heavens light or grief), is effected by vengeance. I guess the rambling needs to stop at some point, so good luck with your guy.



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vengenance was nice in 1.09 against eg zealots coz zeal was blockable
convi wont help u with AR anyhow even if it was on 4x lvl coz convi reduces only base def so useless