Any use for Act 1/3 merc?


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Any use for Act 1/3 merc?

I'm so used to using Act 2 mercs. I occasioanly use act 5 mercs. But I've never used 1/3 since I don't know how or when to use them. What characters/builds usually need them? And whats the best strategy to use them with? I'll read up on the merc thread, but I want some more opinions.


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with the new runewords act 1 cold merc is pretty decent with a summonmancer, and I just like act one mercs with anything....


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The rogue with Shael Windforce and upped twitchthroe is kind of powerful.

Give an act 3 merc culwens point, quehegans or ormus robes, lidless eye and an fcr helm, and he is not so useless


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I have some merc - character guides in my merc guide found in my signature.

single element mercs are good with the following :

Vengence Paladin ( as they reduce some immune monsters ) so cold works well with vengence.

If u can afford the runewords then they can become more useful. (as you can get certain auras which you would noramlly just get from your act2 merc )

Generally the cold mercs are prefered as they do decent damage, and have the ability to freeze targets so offer a bit of crowd control.