Any US West Ladder players living in Asian time zones? ifr


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Any US West Ladder players living in Asian time zones?

My girlfriend and I are looking for friendly players to join private Ladder games. We're American and Vietnamese living in Taiwan, so hoping to find people who live in a similar time zone.

Actually, we already know several other players in Taiwan, but most of them aren't addicted enough to keep us from joining the dreadful pubbie games. It would be fun to have a regular group to do Baal runs, pit runs, hell forge rushes, etc.

Our main characters include a barb and frost maiden who are in their mid-80s and a lvl 93 hammerdin who is at the bottom of the Paladin ladder.

If you are interested, leave a message here and look for us online any night and most of the weekend.



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i live in asia... but i play on asia3....
i would be playing at us west IF i didnt have 2000 ping there


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I am so awful when it comes to figuring out time zones. :(

Several friends and I play on USWest ladder during the late night hours, usually starting around 7-8pm PST and ending around 6-7am the following morning. We are rarely able to get six players together at once and would love to meet you two! If the times I listed work well for you, give me a whisper some evening.

Our runs usually go something like this (since we hate tele-baaling):

The Pit, Countess, Andy, Lost City dungeon (forget the name :p), Upper Kurast and Causeway temples, Council, Meph, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, Eldritch/Shenk, Pindleskin, entire Worldstone Keep, Baal's minions and Baal himself. We spend a lot of time hunting for DClone as well. :)

We're an easy going and mature bunch that play most weeknights as well as weekends. We have quite a mixture of characters, most in the high-80s, and we only play private games. Whisper me some evening if you catch me on or post a reply here. As I said, you two would be welcome company.



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I live in Canada but due to working nights I usually play during what would be evening in Taiwan.

Feel free to message me.



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hey i live in singapore which is gmt +8. its the same as taiwan i guess. i would love to join you guys as most of my friends have quit the game and i am more or less the only one left playing :( got a mid 80s hammerdin and meteororb sorc for running :p
/w *irufan when you guys wanna play!