Any Solo Matriarch Amazons Out There?


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Any Solo Matriarch Amazons Out There?

Hi all. I've been reading this forum for about a month now. I've mainly been interested in reading about build orders for characters that have made it all the way through Hell untwinked and solo. The most common Matriarchs and Patriarchs have been Skelliemancers, Hammerdins, Zealots, and a few MeteorOrb Sorceresses. I don't think I've seen a single Amazon, however. If any of you have been successful in finishing the game all the way through solo can you please post your character? I'm especially interested in untwinked Amazons as my ATMA stash doesn't have much in the way of bows or javelins. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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well it is very doable to get a untwinked javazone in SC through the game, but the amazone got a reall beatingin 1.10, espeacially the bow-a-zon.. in 1.09 i had a untwinked guardian bow-a-zon but in 1.10 i couldnt get past duriel in hell.. 4 times :rant: but an untwinked javazone in SC would be very doable... invest in lightning fury, few points in Jab for bosses maybe invest in coldarrow to freeze up groups before LF-ing them... i say visit the amazone forum abou tthis, maybe they have some good idea's about thism atter for you,

good luck in your quest



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Well I almost always start fresh using the Amazon. When 1.10 was released was no different, I had long ago deleted D2 and all the characters I had, since I was bored of the game and 1.10 was "never gonna see the light of day".

I typically play HybridZons the first run, and this time was similar. I did a few things I later regretted, mainly due to my unfamiliarity with 1.10 (as everyone else's since it just got released). Here was what I did:

20 LF
20 GA
10 Valk
50% D/A/E
~50% CS and Pierce

I was gun-shy on the Valk since it was so over-mana-budget in 1.09 (I had a level 8 with my 1.09 HybridZon).

Now I am playing a Hardcore Hybridzon in the SPHCL, but she has a few items of twinkage form previous SPHCL characters. Mainly a Buriza and Gore Riders. What can I recommend for HybridZon in hindsight?

1pt FA - The Control is worth it, and it does weak but noticeable damage in Hell. Just get a good amount of Small Cold Damage charms to extend the freeze time.

1pt GA - It still has take down ability in low players x games.

6pt Strafe or Max - depends on how many points you can spare and if it is worth your time. Likewise you could get some Multishot instead or skip them.

20 LF - In 1.10 you got Hammerdins with massive damage, likewise LF is THE Amazon Roomsweeper skill.

17-20 Valk - I say 20 now, my latest FA/LF HybridZon has a 20 Valk and the Valk OWNS. She tears stuff up, even on players 3. She might kill on players 8 but it is too early to test.

1pt Decoy - I don't buy the synergy with Valk, just a waste to me.

50% CS, 50%+ Pierce - If you use Razortail you shouldn't need alot of Pierce. Penetrate is helpful and helps your Valk so I get about 5-10 Penetrate, depending on available skill points.

D/A/E - I like 50%, but learned Evade is not only a waste, it can get you killed. My current Zon is 5/5/1.

Quite alot of jabbering, hopefully it helps.


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Amazon builds tend to be equipment dependent, which is your biggest problem if you must go untwinked. The build which can get by with the least powerful bow is the Magezon (maxed Immolation Arrow and Freezing Arrow), but then you need lots of mana and mana regen in order to keep your skills going--or else you need a high damage bow with lots of mana leech, and the benefit of being able to use a poor bow goes right out the window.


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Actually, all you need for a javazon would be a Titan's Revenge for the replenishes mod. With LF, Charged Strike and Lightning Bolt and the titan revenge in hand, it will be very doable. I am so close from finishing my Untwinked except for the titan's revenge and is doing great with a bow on the switch. My Fully twinked Hybridzon is still cruising slow in hell Act3.


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I've got a untwinked 1.10 Matriarch Furyzon that soloed Hell whitout any major problems...

20 LF
20 Valc
10 CS
5-8 Dogde, Avoid & Evade
10 Pierce

Upg. Titans
Tal's Armor
Cresent Moon
3sock Demonhead w/p.topazes
Upg. Goldwrap
Manald Heal

She became Matriarch at about lvl 80....


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I took a 1.10 bowazon to Matriarch a few weeks back. She actually started in 1.09, but I switched to 1.10 early in nightmare. I even posted her adventures here, but the post was lost in the forum crash. My second of two posts (submitted very shortly after the crash) survived, giving stats and gear. You could do a search on 'Zorastra' to find the thread.

Hell level was very slow going - slower than any other character I've played. Zorastra only made matriarch because I stubbornly refused to abandon the build...which would have been a saner choice. After reading MongoJerries' articles, I decided that if I couldn't defeat Hell Baal because of good gear on a good build, I'd do it by being as clever as I could in play...and patient.

The 1.10 bowazon is sadly weak in mass killing compared to other classes. I suspect a 1.10 javazon would progress significantly quicker. Chain lightning would be the mass killer.

Valkyrie was key, as she both tanked and did the killing. Zorastra stayed stafely in the rear and helped out. Each of the 20 points I spent in Valkyrie was well worth it. Valkyrie rarely died, so recasting was infrequent. When she did die, it was often three or four more casts before a Valkyrie with surviveable gear would be rolled, and then it was again long life for Valkyrie.

Guided arrow was being maxed, as it was used to take out behind the pack creatures (shaman, unravellers, maggots) who would otherwise have been nearly impossible to kill because of the crowding they create in front of themselves. It also did more damage than any other attack...though still not enough. I wished I'd clued into this earlier in the build. But heroically running through the pack to the real problem monsters in the rear ceased being a viable tactic only in hell. I wasted many skill points that should have gone into guided arrow earlier.

Magic arrow should be at least at level 13 (zero mana cost). It takes so many arrows to make one lousy kill that otherwise arrow supply is a problem, unless you like frequent trips to town. Zorastra's magic arrow was boosted to 20 for the tiny extra damage and attack rating (more important).

Decoy should have been a one point wonder (I put more in...mistake). Throw a decoy ahead to draw out the hidden ranged attackers, or the Stygian dolls. Otherwise, you often die before you have a chance to past Valkyrie, who then tanks.

Dodge, evade and avoid similarly should be one point wonders. Being frozen in a dodge move is very stressful when all you want to do is run away.

As mentioned earlier, equipment is really important for a bowazon - the bow especially. Unfortunately, bows that would make a 1.10 bowazon reasonably viable are highly unlikely to pop up in untwinked single player. Either twink or resign yourself to either doing dozens of MF runs or killing very, very slow in Hell. Frankly, however, I suspect that things would have been slow for my bowazon build even with Windforce. Rather than blame 1.10, it could simply be my incompetence at building a bowazon. Zorastra was my first even Diablo II character! In early normal level I took careful notes when listing to the NPCs talk!

But then again, no other build I tried was as slow as this one.

Zorastra found a Withwild string, which I later learned from the boards is a pretty good bow, all things considered. Unfortunately, it is exceptional and finding the runes to upgrade to elite is unlikely, unless you do lots of runs to look (which I find boring). The amp damage was particularly helpful in hell. When amp went off, Valkyrie's killing speed zoomed up. If the bow doesn't have knockback, a nef rune is a must. Fortunately, Nef is a very common rune. Bonus, Witchwild comes with two sockets.

Because of the poor damage per shot, increased attack speed is also very important to a bowazon build. I did not clue into the importance of this for Zorastra until very late. Rather than do more magic find/gambling/crafting supplies runs at that stage, I simply ground on to Hell Baal to matriarch the poor woman.

Don't do a 1.10 bowazon if you want a powerful character. You do one because you want to try a different path from all the others.


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I've Matriarched two amazons since the patch camt out...with actually very few problems.

First was a cookie-cutter hybrid with Fury/Strafe...her only issue was Hell ancients..they were a bigtime pain, but eventually fell.

Second was my straight multizon, who had zero problems, and only died once in the process.

But I would agree that it's equipment-dependent, at least for your main weapon. But isn't that the case for any character?


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Thanks to you all for your help! Depending on what kind of equipment I can find with my other character, I'll chose between a hybrid or a bowazon.