Any Photo Editing Experts? Help Please!


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Any Photo Editing Experts? Help Please!

I don't even know WHERE to start looking for the answer to this.

What I want to do is, scan both sides of a baseball card, and then be able to place those scans side-by-side and save them as a single image. In other words, make it so I can see both "sides" of the card at once. It took me about 20 minutes to make MS Paint do it, but the only other program I have is ArcSoft Photo Impression 5, which came with my all-in-one Epson printer. And it is even more useless. It would ALMOST work, because it has a built-in trick for putting two images on one "page", but that's only if I make a scrapbook and it has all the pansy graphics and stuff all over the page. Further, it only works if both images are the same dimension, which doesn't work because sometimes the front of the card will be laid out vertically but the back might be landscape, so the dimensions are different.

Currently, I can scan the front of the card, save it as "front", then scan the back and save it as "back". Then, I have been creating a new canvas in the Paint program, expanding it to make enough room for two images, then copying and pasting the "front" and "back" onto it. It's a big pain to have to do this repeatedly for each card, especially considering it's hard to line them up.

Lastly, I'd like to be able to add a text box into this "image" to describe the card whose front and back are being displayed.

Anyone know of a photo program that can help speed this along? I've got about 1,500 cards I would like to display digitally in this manner, and at 20 minutes a pop, I'm liable to die of old age before finishing. It would be easy to lay this out on a WYSIWYG webpage program... just drag and drop what I want, where I want... Put in a text box... done. But how can this be done to end up with one "image" containing the two pictures and a textbox?


I've been told GIMP does a good job. I'd like to tell you more but I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel in my photoediting ignorance.


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IMO, situations like this need improvision more than fancy programs.

If I were you I'd do 1 of the following.

Op. 1: Open two Paint programs, with 1 having the front page and the other back, and line them up. Then print screen, and ctrl V to a third Paint program. maybe you can align a notepad window just under the first two Paints, so when you print screen it would capture the name of the player or such.

Op 2: If you're familiar with html, make a table with two cell, one for the front and one for the back, set it so the image would fit exactly in the table cell, and write text explanations under the tables. You can make multiple tables in one html file. Then print screen, or save/sort the images that way, anyway to your liking.

My 2 cents is that there's no real one-button short cut to your needs. If it's repetitive and boring, well, you'll just have to deal with that. Just use your head to figure out to reduce the effort, like scanning multiple cards at once. Find a cycle that works for you, and try speeding the effort.

And finally: Keyboard shortcuts are your closest friend. Find them and use them.


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Easy as pie with Paint shop Pro:

Open first image (crop to the appropriate size if needed). Expand canvas width to double its current size, then copy and paste the second picture into the first in the space you just made. Save and enjoy. :)