any one here?


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any one here?

just wonderin. DClone is about to be summoned in my game I think, my first one. I cant take him alone.

If your on west ladder, give me a holler at *Zechs_zechs


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I realize the subject of the thread has probably expired, but for future reference.

Though sometimes unpopulated, these posts spend a better life in the player matchup forum. And, for next time, I know of one person who, at last check, lived for clone-killing. PM Dredd if you are US-WEST (i believe he plays [L]), he seems to be helpful for that type of stuff.


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Yep, Clone killing is my business ... and business is good -- and yes, I play USWest Ladder (sc) exclusively. :D

Sorry I missed out on helping you, Zechs. Shadow is correct that Player-Matchup is the appropriate forum for these sorts of threads. I often don't spend much time there though so, for future reference, it's easiest to get my attention by PMing me or /w*Planewalker03.


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if anyone's on east NL i also enjoy clone hunting. My hammerdin kills dclone in his sleep! I rather enjoy killing to big bastard. Feel freee to PM me too if you are east NON LADDER. don't worry dredd im not trying to compete with you for business, we're on different realms