Any Old-Timers Lurking?


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Any Old-Timers Lurking?

Hi All--

So I guess I must be painfully bored; I reinstalled and started playing again. I'm working on gearing up a barb. Just wondering if anyone is still around.


(*jeb90 on west)


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Re: Any Old-Timers Lurking?

Old Timer here,

Mind the account name. I use to have an account here, under the name "Blade" aka Jackwayne but forgot my password and no longer use the email associated with it :weep: (Can an admin help me with this matter?)

I use to be an avid pvp player and also helped numerous people on these forums for any class and played during 1.06-1.10 patch. Nevertheless, I've decided to log back onto these forums with the release of D3 in the horizon.

Some of my old characters:
Mystery-Fighter (lvl 98 Vindicator - never wanted to achieve lvl 99)
BladeOfFury (Hammerdin)
Mortelpiege (Hybrid Assassin, now called Ghost?)
Lourlyn (Hybrid Amazon)
Dippity-Dee (WW Barb)
Dippity-Doo (PVP Throw Barb)

Anyways, any old pvpers out there? - you may remember me owning you all during those patches (Mainly played my Pally but was highly competitive on any class/subclass) :mua:
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Re: Any Old-Timers Lurking?

Definitely - still hybrids :)

I recall demolishing Kodas now popularized 'Ghost' with my own back in the days ...nostalgia!

Btw, anyone care to duel?

Account: Jackwayne
Pally: Mystery-Fighter (lvl 90)
Zon: Arcfleche (lvl 86)
Asn: Mortelpiege (in the making)




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Re: Any Old-Timers Lurking?

I don't even remember what my account name was haha...Although, similarly, I just re-installed after an 8(?) year hiatus.

old character names would have probably been:

x1923 Pallies, all with variations of the name Menz, though my zealot was my main...never did much public dueling, was almost always strictly in private pally games.

My amazon was probably my only other main, Meilikki, may have had an OCV tag, i can't remember how many times I re-leveled her.

My amazon though, only really ever dueled in #Gimmeitam channel/games.

edit: I only played West