any horker (item find) builds out there?


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any horker (item find) builds out there?

i want to make a item find guy with the best possible equipment
i want him to be able to kill so i dont want any bad equipment builds so he cant kill
i was wondering whats the best mix of equipment of mf/gold find & damage gear
also i was wondering if double ali babas UPPED can do any real damage in hell, is it possible or not?


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Well how about dual storm lash for prime weapons and dual ali ist ist on the flip ? Add shakos and skulders to an acceptable level :uhhuh: .


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i was looking for a good skill build for him, not sure what attack skills to lvl
i was thinking

max WW
10 conc
10 bezerk
max shout
max BO
max sword mastery

one point in pre reqs & "one point wonders"


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Jimi- said:
isnt horkers supposed to max find item?
all my mf and goldfind barbs have max FI skill. i get more drops using that skill then i do from first kills (me or merc) try something like this
pick a mastery
pick a might merc
max a mastery
max BO
max FI
max an attack (ww, conc, zerk)
1 point skin
1-7 NR (less is best)
1 point zerk
no points stamina or r/w
1 point taunt, battlecry, warcry (uses to control monsters)
1 point battlecommand

rest of the points can go into zerk or shout

if you are going to use ww try and hit -60 speed with a range 5 weapon, or use 2 range 3 weapons. if you play HC you may want to use a shield so then you'll want to use axe, sword or mace.

if you want to use conc or zerk then check the speed table for the weapon you will be using to make sure you have the ias for a good attack rate.



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Jimi- said:
isnt horkers supposed to max find item?
Just my opinion...
(I play 4 diff barbs and Item Find with them all)
You dont really need to max Item Find skill
5-10 points in it should be MORE than enough
once Item Find % hits 50% it barely gets any better after that
With skill plus's from gear & charms its not hard to get to 50%

Barb #1) Lev 21 Item Find (51%) with only 2 points in the skill
Barb #2) Lev 14 Item Find (47%) with 0 points in it (Heart Carver)
Barb #3) Lev 15 Item Find (47%) with 1 point in it
Barb #4) Lev 24 Item find (53%) with 1 point in it

as for up'd ali baba's...
I think they'd be kinda too slow to actually be fighting with all the time as a "main" weapon :(
Would you put shael's in them ? :rolleyes: lol


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the point of max FI skill is you are free to use any item setup you like and still have +51% in that skill.
no need to use echoing items or heartcarvers. you can use gulls, ali's, lem or ist items.
no need to use warcry charms. you can use can you any mf or goldfind charms you like. +max or resist all greed for goldfind or mf/2nd mod sc for mf builds.
no need to use a +skill setup, if you have it or not.



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I didn't max hork (it gives me about 45% I think) and I find things on a regualr basis. I have found an arreats and OHM rune, titans, a really nice rare zon circlet among many other things.