Any Consensus on What Version to Play?


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I got D2/LoD from Blizzard's site, and without making any alterations, am running 1.14b. Should I be playing something earlier or using 1.14d? Or fine where I am?


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You are fine where you are. I'm thinking of moving to 1.14d myself at the moment. The only real reason to stay in 1.13 as far as I can see is the multi instance dll, but I don't need that in 1.13.


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Not a 100% sure; but on my comp, I can run multiples of 1.14d with the multi instance dll.

I haven't tested or played enough to know if it'll crash or has any bugs on the tcp/ip, but it seems to be working.

EDIT: you are fine where you are; but why not upgrade to d? It's within the same patch and i can only assume the most updated version is better in terms of number of bugs and such.