Any alternative to the TAL set up


Any alternative to the TAL set up


i have a full tals set

but i was wondering if there was a better set up than those items

such as an occy, shako etc

could you let me know



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i used dis setup 4 my meteorb,b4 i got all tal's stuff.i believe it maximises +skills on all gear,got max block n 105fcr.

shako,skin of vmagi,arachnid's mesh,magefist,silkweave,hoto,visceratuant,mara's n 2xsojs.


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Way much more better items than the Tal set, unless you are going for MF then keep the armor, the belt, and the ammy I suppose. Shako and Occy is good, but of course I am sure you would rather want Fathom right? What kind of build are you making this for? Spirit or Lidless would be nice too.


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I use:
Full Tal Set
Nagel 30
Spirit Monarch 35%FCR
3x Light Skillers
+ some 7mf scs

Infinity eGT (Must Have Infinity)
Eth Upped Shaftstop
Eth Upped Gaze 20%dr
=50% dr --> survives better in CS (just want him for the aura)

It hits the 105%FCR (I wouldnt reccomend any lower)(Tal Set 50/Mage20/Spirit35)
Pure Vita Build
Max Lightning+synergies, 1pt Teleport/Static
Has good mf%
Good Resists
Can solo CS/Baal easy in 1-4player game (I havent tested with more)
= Overall a very good build imo

Tal Set is underrated.


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Krem, your build doesn't hit 117% fcr for Lightning/CL.

I love full tals. but for Lightning/ES I recommend using hoto/shako/etc.

Pure Lightning I dislike. -.-


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You have no idea how much untapped potential 117% Lightning can get you, you're so close, yet you wear stuff like SoJ and leave the potential... untapped. :undecided:
i agree. faster fcr is what u need with a build like a tals lite sorc. i made one b4 and that fcr ring/bk switch made a HUGE difference for me. the dmg these sorcs hit isnt very high, maybe 15k? i hit 12k with torch/no anni/no skillers.


mr hamster

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here's what i use:

Eschutas (you want +3, and a good amount of +% lite dmg...mine sucks as of now)
Shako (need...griffs...)
2x SoJ
Tal's Ammy (too cheap to waste 2+ hrs for 20 more res)
Wartravs i just realized i'm about ~4% off the 117 bp...:cry:
So...what should i aim for? Upped viper/Lite Ormus or Griffs?
Eschutas and griffs % really dosn't matter too much... It adds 1k at the most.

Use eschutas, vmagi, spirit, arach
then all mf gear (shako, +skills and/or mf ammy, nagels, sojs, travs, chancies).

Or use goldwrap instead of arach and use magfists to make up in fcr.


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Eschutas and griffs % really dosn't matter too much... It adds 1k at the most.
So 15% extra damage and -20% lightning resists is only 1k ?

No, it is huge.

-20 resists will convert 75% resist to 55% resist and your damage goes from 25% to 45%.

10k damage becomes 4500 instead of 2500 damage.

+15% damage adds 675 damage

So you will do 5175 damage instead of 2500 with out Grifs.


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The +15% does nothing (almost), but the -20 resist is huge. I don't have experiences with light sorc, but my poison necro and my Tal's meteorb sorc tells me that -resist is simply godly. This is especially true for monsters who's immunity is just broken. They have usually 90%+ resist, and -20 means you are doing 3x damage.

The reason that the +15% does nothing is that it adds 15% of your lightning damage before mastery onto the total damage (hence why fire/light ormus sucks......). In short, drop the Eschutas if you like, but the griff is at least as important as a torch, or almost as important as the infinity itself.

Note that this does not hold (at least it's priority is lowered) if you hold the infinity yourself, for the -55 light resist will apply.


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Assuming you go with the Eschutas and griffs setup, the damage you are dealing will go up; however, to USE the extra damage properly you'll need to change your playing style that will likely KILL your merc fast (i.e. teleporting into a pack of critters and CL'ing away). Without support of the infinity you'll have problems with the lit immunes. Therefore before committing to this, think how you'll keep ur merc alive or if you need to carry the infinity (this is from my experience...especially from running dkeys).