Anti TPPK guide

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Anti TPPK guide

Anti TPPK guide version v1.0
for D2/LOD 1.11b
by Nilaripper

Table of contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Abbreviations
  3. How TPPK works
  4. Common TPPKs
  5. Damage and resistances
  6. TPPKs in detail
  7. Things to keep in mind
  8. Killing TPPKs
  9. Anti TPPK builds
  10. Example TPPK-immune character
  11. Conclusion


This guide is written for all gamers, who...
... are interested in public hardcore gaming but suffer this problem called TPPK
... search for legit ways to play D2 LOD in public games without being TPPKed constantly.

This guide is not written to...
... incite a new discussion about about PK or TPPK.
... explain any 3rd party programs which should make you immortal.

I take TPPK as a reality and try do deal with it.
I will tell you is my experience from 3 years public gaming and legal ways to simply avoid being killed by script.


CR=Cold resistances
CTA=Call to arms
ES=Energy shield
FCR=Faster Cast Rate
FR=Fire resistances
HCL=Hardcore Ladder
LR=Lightning resistances
MDR=Magic damage reduction
PDR=Physical damage reduction
PK=Player Killer
PVM=Players versus Monster
PVP=Player versus Player
TP=Town Portal
TPPK=Town Portal Player Killing

3.How TPPK works

TPPK is a method which allows to kill people from town.

A character with a strong elemental or physical attack
  1. casts/throws/shoots projectiles at your char,
  2. then presses a button, a script automatically creates a TP
  3. the player enters town and hostiles.
  4. This happens so quick that 1-2 of the projectiles are reaching your char while you get hostiled.
The result of this cowardly attack is very often lethal.

99.99 percent of the TPPK people use third party programs. Plain and simple they press a button and the script kills your char.
Often baalruns are done by 5-6 TPPKs working together, they watch your equipment in town using 3rd party programs. They try to talk you in and then they try to TPPK you.

In the end all TPPK users must follow the mathematics of this game, they must produce enough damage to one-hit kill you.
When you can avoid one-hit kills the TPPK problem is gone for you.

4.The most common TPPKs

It is important to know the common TPPK chars and maybe some exotic TPPKs (the group is not that big):
And that’s about it.
Playing online accompanied by a barbarian, paladin, assassin will do you no harm, all others chars can be TPPKs and nowadays in Hell HC almost all are TPPKs.

5.Damage and resistances

The damage dealt to you in PVP is the most important thing to know: If a char hostiles you the damage output follows this path:

  1. 1/6 PvP Penalty
  2. Energy shield
  3. Necromancer Bone armor/Druid Cyclone armor
  4. Integer DR/MDR
  5. Percentage resistances
  6. Percentage absorb
  7. Integer absorb
I assume you all understand the general info about resistances (taken from arreat summit):

Magic resistance (e.g blessed hammer damage):
Even though it does not appear on the Character Screen, each character has a Magic Resistance. The base is 0 for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties. The only item that can adjust this Resistance is a Crafted Safety Shield with +5 to +10% Magic Resistance.

Minimum elemental Resistance:
Your base resistance levels are determined by the game's difficulty:
Normal Difficulty: 0
Nightmare Difficulty: -40%
Hell Difficulty: -100%
The absolute minimum resistance is -100%. Resistance can never be lowered to below that value.

Maximum elemental Resistance
Each character has a default maximum resistance of 75%, although certain items can raise that number as high as 95%. You can never become totally immune to elemental attacks with Resistances alone.
The maximum effective %resistance is +95%, the minimum effective %resistance is -100%, this is valid for all difficulties.

Physical Resistance
While it isn't displayed on the Character Screen either, this Resistance reduces Physical damage just like the Elemental Resistances lower or increase Elemental damage. On items it is displayed as "Damage Taken Reduced by x%", and Amplify Damage lowers this by 100%, Decrepify by 50%. It is then lower capped at -100% and upper capped at 50%.

6.TPPK chars in detail


This character is considered the most common TPPK char. Cold mastery allows a sorceress to reduce the cold resists of the opponent up to –270% or higher. On Hell difficulty you need 175% resistances all to have a char build with acceptable resistances for PVM, because of the -100% penalty. If such a sorceress TPPKs you, you are dead if you do not stack your CR. If your char has about 450% CR, no coldsorc TPPK can do you any harm.
The damage dealt to you by a coldsorc attack is about 10k iceblast damage. This high amount of damage and reduction is reached by maximizing the cold synergies, using 9 coldskillers, annihilus, hellfire torch and a Deaths fathom. The rest of the equipment is ornated with cold facettes. It is possible to reach 13k iceblast damage, but the build would lack FCR, which is needed for TPPK, so the most TPPK coldsorces do 10k damage.

  • A coldsorc attacks you with iceblasts, 10k
  • PvP damage is 1/6: 10k/6 = 1666.66 damage remains
  • If your char has 75% (175% stacked) CR in hell difficulty (-100% due to the hell penalty), the –270% reduces your CR to –100% = you receive the double damage: 3333.33
  • Not many chars can tank 2 hits of this attack = 6666.66
What happens if you char is loaded/stacked with CR(450%):
  • -100% is reduced due to hell difficulty, -270% by the TPPK player = 450%-100%-270%=80% CR left.
  • With 80 percent of the 1666.67 negated, only 333.33 hits you.
  • If you use dual ravenfrost rings, another 40% (~133) of the cold damage is negated and healed back (+133), so there are 70 damage left.
  • I think the most chars on Hell difficulty should be able to tank 2 hits with 70 damage, if they don’t, you made a severe mistake.
Now you might ask: How on earth can you stack 450%CR on your char?
My public sorc in HCL 3, which was levelled explicitly in public baalruns and never got TPPKed used the following selffound/selfrolled/selfcrafted equipment:

  • Wizardspike socketed with jewel +30 CR/9 dex = 100%CR
  • Skin of the Vipermagi socketed with “um†rune = 50%CR
  • Stormshield socketed with “perf sapphire†= 100%CR
  • Annihilus small charm = 15%CR
  • Hellfire Torch = 20%CR
  • Shako, socketed with“um†rune = 30%CR
  • Rare amulet+2skills +15str/fcr/15res all = 15%CR
  • Anya quests = 30%CR
  • Any collection of grand charms with life and CR +40life/+25-30%CR and small charms with life and 11%CR, = 90%CR
Result= 450%CR
There are many chars who can carry this equipment and they will be almost immune to cold attacks.

Don’t forget:
Thawing potions, which can be bought in town have the effect to provide +10% max CR and +50% CR over 30 seconds, and the duration can be stacked.
Example: With 10 potions you have +10% max CR and +50% CR for 5 minutes (=10*30 seconds).


This character is quite common, but much rarer than a coldsorc. It produces more damage then a coldsorc, but is not able to lower your FR to negative values like the coldsorc.
  • The damage dealt by this char is about 20k, reached by using skillers, facettes, maximizing the fire synergies.
  • 20k/6=3333.33 damage hits you with no FR.
  • If you got the usual 75 percent: 833.33 damage hits you, which is quite a lot, but there is a ultimate asset vs the firesorc: “hotspur bootsâ€.
  • It is a must for every public character to wear: with 90% FR the damage is reduced to 333.33 so your char is unTPPKable by firesorces.
  • The firesorc TPPK can reduce your FR only with facettes. If you stack your FR +30% you should be on the safe side.

Even rarer than the firesorc, but still around. These builds reach 40k damage and more, but like the firesorc no reducing of your resistances, so easier to avoid.
  • 40k lightning, the 1/6 PVP Penalty reduces it to 6666.66 damage
  • If you carry the ultimate asset vs the light TPPKs: Thundergods Vigor, you got 85% LR, reducing the damage to ~1000. Keep in mind that the damage you receive is not always the maximum, it ranges from 1-40000, so only a full hit takes away about ~1000 life. Most important, the attack is so slow that everybody should see when a lightsorc tries to attack you, just don’t stand in the lightbeam.
  • The belt provides +20 (integer value!) lightning absorb bonus. So 20 lightdamage is negated and 20 is healed back, finally you receive 960 damage.
  • If your char wears a perfect wisp projector ring, up to 20% of the lightning damage is negated and 20% is healed back.This means only 600 lightning damage affects you.
  • A lightsorc TPPK can reduce your LR if she wears a griffons eye. Socketed with a light facette the reduction can reach -30%. My advice is to stack the LR as well. But +30% to +50% more should be sufficient.
You can see that Integer resistances can help but are more valuable PvM than PvP.
If you enter a TP from town and it is camped by TPPKs, it can be possible for a lightsorc to kill you. They tried to kill my my sorc this way but failed.


I died to a windruid TPPK attack once in Ladder1. He was spamming tornados towards me in a public baalrun and asked me about my build. I started typing and he activated his script, my char (barbarian) was dead. This was the first and only time one of my chars died to a Winddru TPPK.
  • This build uses a physical attack, the damage output of a full equipped winddru is about 6k and not blockable.
  • 1/6 PVP penalty reduces it to 1000. If you have 50% PDR it reduces the damage to 500. Most important assets for your char vs a winddru attack is therefore a shako (10%) and a stormshield (35%)= 45% PDR.
  • With these equipment no Winddru can TPPK you, even if his tornado hits you 2-3 times. Winddruids are slow too, so easily to avoid imho. Almost all druids left in public HCL games are TPPKs, so very easy to spot.

This build uses a physical attack, like the winddruid, the physical damage resistance is capped at 50%, so this char is a very dangerous TPPK, he can attack away from screen, and the guided arrow hits you without you seeing the attacker.
  • This TPPK can reach 12k damage, 1/6 PVP makes it 2k damage, 50% PDR leaves still 1000 damage.
  • Like the lightsorc attack, these arrows have range from 500-12000 damage, so you can be hit with the maximum 12k/6= 2k.
  • Of course lower damage is likely because the attack can be blocked (instead of winddru tornadoes that can not be blocked).
  • Don’t forget: When your char is running, the blocking is reduced to 1/3 (=25% max).
This high damage output is possible by using max damage charms, using a max dex build and of course the windforce bow. If you don’t have max block (75% chance to block) the arrows have a big chance to hit you, and the ability to tank 2k damage is not that easy even for lvl90+ chars.

I have seen many players dying to this build, simply by having no max block nor sufficient life. Whenever this amazon showed up, my sorc went to town (she had only 1300 life). My sorc was immune to elemental attacks but this char would have been able to TPPK her.
The chance to avoid being TPPKed by a bowazon is using ~50%PDR, maxblock and having mass amount of vita. The use of stormshield and shako is a must.
Chars like barbarians, paladins and druids should be able to tank her, a sorc should definitely be an ES sorc.
My second anti TPPK build had a mana bulb of 4000+, 400 mana recovery per second and was laughing at bowiezon TPPKs. The arrows could not break the ES.


Most popular in 1.10, because the marrowwalk bug (lvl33 synergy) made them able to reach high amounts of unblockable magic damage. But nobody TPPKs with this char since 1.11, the marrowwalk bug is fixed now.
Damage output: 6k magic damage, 1/6 PVP makes it 1000, so still a impressive number.
Enough life is all you will need versus this build, but as I said, no one uses this TPPK anymore.


There was a throw barb around who reached over 20k damage, but this build is so exotic, it wont happen to you, I really never ever met one.


Trapsins cannot attack like the mentioned TPPKs, simply because the traps vanish when you got to town. It is possible be TPPKed with “shockwebâ€, if you stand in the middle of it and have low LR. Well, Thundergods vigor is a must for each anti TPPK build, no resist reduce like using the coldsorc is possible. I personally never saw an assassin TPPK in 3 HCL seasons.

7.Things to keep in mind

  • Monsters who cast curses or have auras can affect the damage dealt to you. If some cursed monster casts amplify damage and a physic TPPK (Winddruid,Bowazon) attacks you while you are cursed, the damage output is doubled. If you are cursed and play with chars you don’t know on public HCL, make sure that no amplify damage curse, lower resist curse or conviction aura affects your char. Simply go to town, remove the curse, but don’t use the same TP to go back.
  • TPPKs, who act most of the time in groups, will camp your TP, one char in town will tell them (using probably a headset) when you go back and then they activate the script to TPPK you. My char survived several TPPK attempts, even with a camped TP, the elemental immunity was simply unbeatable.
  • A Conviction aura used by another player will not affect your resists or defense: TPPK is a kill from town and when in town the aura wont harm you anymore.
  • Never play our low lvl char with a high lvl char you don't know and get TPPKed. Level restrictions are your friend.
8.Killing TPPKs

Revenge is sweet: Why not try to kill the TPPKs?

A TPPK is somebody who uses all illegal means to reach his goal. The items on their chars are all duped, botted, stolen via trade screen hacks, traded on notorious sites, or bought on ebay. Nothing on these chars is legit, and of course the 3rd party programs have the possibility to save them. If the life bulb decreases to a certain lvl or the hostile noise comes up the char is automatically TP-ed to town, or leaves the game. Most of them are cowards, so they wont enter a duel, and if they duel, they kill you with hacks like farcast, etc…
Hunting TPPKs - using legit methods - is not possible imho and a waste of time.
But, these TPPK builds are glass cannons, build with max damage and low defensive capabilities. I have seen many TPPKs who died to monsters, entering a crowded TP(Moo-Moo level) or a bad TP in worldstone chamber.
So if you make a TP, and you know the TPPK will try to hunt you, make sure that some frenzy minotaurs, vipers and gloams, most preferably cursed, extra fast bosses with conviction auras “guard†your TP. Monsters frequently kill TPPKs, it is true.

9.Anti TPPK builds

IMHO all chars except one can be build with the capabilities to be unTPPKable, when they have enough resistances, life, max block and % PDR, - with the necessary lvl.
The only char who cannot do this is a bowazon: Not enough life/no blocking/ insufficient resists.
A low lvl char (lvl30) will for sure not be able to tank a lvl90 coldsorc attack, or a chanted bowie.

You need a lot of life vs physical attacks, which means a good CTA or a barb you know accompanying and bo-ing you. After a few weeks and some hellforge runs its absolutely possible to get/make a legit CTA (if you hate the dupe selling morons on battlenet).The resistances you need are:
  • ~220% FR... 190% to use the hotspur boots effectively and +30% to be safe if the TPPK uses fire facettes.
  • ~450% counter the posible CR reduction of -270%.
  • ~220% LR... 185% to use the Thundergods vigor belt effectively and +~30% to be safe if the TPPK uses lightfacettes/griffons eye.
All these TPPK safe chars have a low offensive capabilities, but the aim is to survive one hit kills – that’s most important!


It is the char with the most possible life, I played with a guy who had such a bear with 14k life. He was absolutely unTPPKable just because of his huge life bulb.
A druid not using wereforms will lack life. Any build you ever use needs max block, PDR, at least 4500 life and the resistances to be safe.


Your barbarian should have max block, PDR and vita, at least 4500 life, the resistances I mentioned and you are unTPPKable.

AMAZON – Lightning fury

I never made an amazon unTPPKable, but with CTA and an item replacing the missing wizardspike (maybe kiras guardian socketed), you can reach the necessary 450% CR and are still able to kill PVM.


They can not be built safe vs TPPKs – they lack resistances, PDR and max block – if you want to play a TPPK safe build, don’t use this one.


This char needs a CTA. He already has very strong defensive capabilities and can easily reach max block. Instead of using the wizardspike (75%res all), you can use a 4 socketed sapphire shield with 160%CR + 45%res all. Without doubt this class can be made practically unTPPKable.


If you have a CTA, max block, PDR, vita and the resistances I mentioned you are unTPPKable. No-one expects a assassin to be build this way. All assassins are most wanted targets for TPPKs, but built in the right way, not TPPKable. The skill “fade†helps a lot – it boosts your resistances and %PDR.


A sorceress can be made immune to elemental TPPKs using the items mentioned above. It is much more difficult to make her safe vs physical attacks, simply because PDR is capped at 50% and it is hard to obtain a big life bulb with a sorceress.

You can avoid this problem with an ES sorc. This sorceress maximizes mana instead of life. Please note that ES is affected before %resistances.

ES sorc example:
Your ES sorc has max block, 45%PDR (stormshield and shako) and about 1100 life and 3500 mana. This high amount of mana is (only) possible if you have very good items, those 20/17 life/mana scs or 40/60 grand charms, SoJ and a CTA.
Your TK is at lvl 40 (possible by using a +9ES "memory" staff for prebuffing), which means 95% of the attack is covered by the mana pool.

  • Bowazon attack: The arrow hits you with 12k/6=2k damage, 95%(1900) is covered by the ES, 100 remains, 45%PDR leaves 55 damage which hits you. Remember, you have 75% block chance, a high possibility that the arrow does not even hit you.
  • Lightsorc attack: Since ES is affected before %resistances, a lightsorc attack (possibly 6666.66) can drain your ES. But once the ES is down your resistances should do the job.
  • If a coldsorc TPPK attacks you with iceblasts, 2 hits are likely, so 95% of 10k/6*2=3333.33 damage will go to your ES, which can be absorbed by the ES.
  • If a firesorc TPPK attacks you with firebolts, 95% of 20k/6=3333.33 will hit you. The first hit will be tanked by the ES, the second hit will hit your life bulb (with hotspurs boots no problem).
You can easily see that if your ES sorc loses the ES due to an attack or manaburn, she is vulnerable. This means that you still need decent resistances. Since a TPPK can drain your ES to zero, 450% CR are needed imho.

10.Example TPPK-immune character
The following table lists equipment to make a character relatively save against TPPK attacks. Please note that the items used in this list are achievable even for legit players. "Hard-to-obtain" items like the Annihilus charm are not included on purpose. If you have access to high-end items you can reach the necessary resistance values even easier. Special reduction by enemy player means the ability to reduce your resistances. To reduce LR and FR is much more limited,facettes are needed.

                                   [	Resistance% 	 ] [Increase max resist%] [Elemental absorb bonus%]		
Weapon	Wizardspike + 30%CR jewel    75	  100	 75     -     -     -	  -	      -     -	  -
Shield	Stormshield + P.sapphire      -	  100	 25    35     -     -	  -	      -     -     -
Armor	(Perfect) Vipermagi + UM     50	   50	 50     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -
Helm 	Shako + THUL		      -	   30	  -    10     -     -	  -	      -     -     -		
Belt	Thundergods Vigor	      -	    -	  -     -     -     -	 10	      -     -     -		
Boots	Hotspur			     45	    -	  -     -    15     -	  -	      -     -     -
Gloves	Trang Ouls Claws	      -	   30	  -     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -									
Amulet	(low) Mara's		     20	   20	 20     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -				
Ring1	Ravenfrost		      -	    -	  -     -     -     -	  -	      -    20     -	
Ring2	Dwarf Star		      -	    -	  -     -     -     -	  -	     15     -     -			
Charm1	(average) Hellfire Torch     15	   15	 15     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -								
Charm2	3xGrandCharm 30%ColdRes	      -	   90	  -     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -																						
Special	Anya quest		     30	   30	 30     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -	
Special	Difficulty penalty hell	   -100	 -100  -100     -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -							
Special	Reduction by enemy player   -20* -275**	-30***   -     -     -	  -	      -     -     -				
Total				    115	   90	 85    45     15    0     10         15     20    0
[B]Effective resists%		     90	   75	 85    45[/B]

With these items equipped you would receive the following damage:
						after		after		
DamType		DamValue	PvP		Resist		Absorb		[B]Total[/B]
Fire		  20000		3333,33		 333,33		 233,33		 [B]~233[/B]
Cold		  10000		1666,67		 416,67		 250,00		  [B]250[/B] 
Lightning	  40000		6666,67		1000,00		1000,00      	 [B]1000[/B]
Physical	  12000		2000,00		1100,00  	   -		 [B]1100[/B]
Magical		   6000		1000,00		   -               -		 [B]1000[/B]

*   -20 FIRE% = 4 fire facettes
** -275 COLD% = max'ed cold–synergies with 9 coldskillers, annihilus, hellfire torch, Deaths fathom and cold facettes
*** -30 LIGH% = Griffons Eye and 2 lighting facettes

It is possible to build an TPPK-immune character, the necessary items can be found/traded by legit players.
Talking about charms you will definitely need a hellfire torch, and good grand charms. An annihilus helps a lot.
All other builds have an extremely high chance to get killed by TPPK in public games.

I consider playing public with the TPPK threat as a challenge, a new possibility to build chars in a different way, and I am surprised how limited the TPPKs are if you make your preparations right.

I don't want to forget to mention this excellent link where you can find a lot of useful information about D2 and to say "thanks" to BlastDuke and Myelom for their support when writing this guide.

I hope I could help you with some ideas how to counter/tank TPPKs!



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

dont forget that thaw potions increase ur cold resist by 50 i tihnk and also ur max cold resist by 50 other good items are small charms with 10-11 individual resist


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Very nice work here :thumbup:.

You have researched this thoroughly it seems, and your gear advice and general solutions to making chars invulnerable to TPPK seems reasonable and well thought through. Never having been TPPK'ed myself (due to only playing password protected games with friends) I, of course, am no expert on the matter, but you seem to be taking the approach of applying some PvP tactics to PvM in order to make characters survive an attack.

Just 2 questions though:
1) Your advice only concerns high level characters allready in hell and able to wear the suggested gear/charms. I would think, that the major risk of being TPPK'ed is during the leveling.
2) If you resitrict yourself to only playing classes/builds, that can be made to survive a TPPK, you are missing out on a lot of funny and weird builds. And what about the guy who can't afford all the anti-TPPK gear?

Your guide also needs some advice on the safe forum channels like [op xbananax] or [op gauss] on east/europe in my opinion.

But again - a fine piece of work :thumbup:


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

i remember the good times 6 years ago or so... when people didnt have tppk and chicken hack yet... and duels for loot and honor actually meant something. why do script kiddies always come to ruin it?


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

First off, nice guide. It should help those people who like to brave pubs.

One thing I failed to see though, was the mention of D/A/E and Clawblock.

A Amazon has the wonderful skills D/A/E. You said a Bowazon has a hard time with TPPK, but they also tend to have a high D/A/E of ~50+%. It may not be much, and its iffy on chance, but still there. This goes double though for a Java, since it just adds to safety.

Then CB, being able to block anything in game, including IIRC Tornado's, can go a long way.

In the end though, I prefer playing private, and not needed to spend my time worring about griefers, or gear switching alot.

Fix TPPK Blizzard!


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

My tip is somewhat related to this but isn't necessarily a TPPK but all HC players should know especially in the beggening of a ladder reason: Don't go into sketchy portals, like if someone is getting ripped up on their way to the throne or something or anywhere and they make a tp but claim its safe...well go in at your own risk. Also when you enter TP's its a good suggestion to have your hand ready to quit the game if you see any arrows, cold spells...bone spirit....anything coming directly at you. I know it's a split second but sometimes (if you have a descent computer) you can see whats goingo n before it happens. Usually when tppk'er get greedy and do the TP trick they want mroe than one person to die so they wait for a few people to come out then go hostile. Just my 2 cents.


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Ah yes, the thing we would still have to worry about if TPPK was fixed, the good ol' hot TP.

Best solution, let someone else go in first :p


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

IIRC, they fixed that at one point, along with Traps. Hammer hurt though, alot.

Really, any character can TPPK, just give them a Widowmaker, plus something like Enchant, Conc, Might, or Fana to boost themselves, and bamn, deeds.


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Just 2 questions though:
1) Your advice only concerns high level characters allready in hell and able to wear the suggested gear/charms. I would think, that the major risk of being TPPK'ed is during the leveling.
The risk of being TPPKed during the leveling can be minimized using level restrictions. Nokozan relic amulet and hotspur boots grant 95% FR which helps in enchant games.

2) If you resitrict yourself to only playing classes/builds, that can be made to survive a TPPK, you are missing out on a lot of funny and weird builds. And what about the guy who can't afford all the anti-TPPK gear?

Your guide also needs some advice on the safe forum channels like [op xbananax] or [op gauss] on east/europe in my opinion.
All imaginable funny builds can be made unTPPKable if they have the defensive capabilities/resistances/items i mentioned.
The anti TPPK gear i listed is mandatory to play in public games. It is not the TOP gear so it should be possible to get it. If you can not afford it and you wish to play public though, your char will be TPPKed soon.
I do not play in safe channels, simply because i like to play whenever and wherever i want. Nobody should force anyone to play in restricted areas.
Contact forums offer communities who play in safe channels.



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

I do not play in safe channels, simply because i like to play whenever and wherever i want. Nobody should force anyone to play in restricted areas.
100% agreed - lets hope that the new ladder will introduce a new patch in which we can all be a little safer from any sort of hacks/dupes/bots etc.



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

First of all, great writeup.

Couple of fixes I would suggest before we badger Zappa into stickying it.

1.) At the start you list an Um'ed Shako as 30 Cold Resist, that should probably be Thul
2.) Claw Block, as mentioned before blocks anything, including druid tornadoes.
3.) D/A/E also as mentioned before work wonders against the Physical damagers. My Javazon last ladder survived 11 TPPK attempts with her stacked res, max block, 50%+ dodges 35% DR and 2200 life before BO, so they can be very solid.
4.) Should probably mention Widowmaker making almost any character capable of TPPK.
5.) I'd suggest that even as this is a tutorial on surviving TPPK, you might want to make reference to the best way to avoid TPPK if you can't stack. Playing private games with legit gamers in Gauss or Banana channels. This won't detract from your endgame analysis, but will grant a measure of help to those starting new characters who can't afford the gear necessary to level in Pubs.

Other than that, stellar. I loved the explanation of the order modifiers take effect, made it very easily understood.



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

I very much appreciate your feedback, Tai. I will work on the fixes asap.

... I would suggest before we badger Zappa into stickying it.
Is there a possibility for me to edit my guide, can the hardcore forum moderator open it for me or do i have to just release version 1.1?



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

I don't know, I would think you could potentially get Zappa to open it up for editing. If not, you could probably just type up the changes and Zappa could morph them.

Not certain though


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Fantastic guide. Its a bit sad that we have to stack so much res in order to survive but at least it gives those of us who can't play private games for whatever reason a fighting chance. Cheers.


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Also, this may have already been addressed, but IIRC TPPK damage is not reduced by 1/6 because the technique is fired before hostile, which makes it so dangerous.


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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Also, this may have already been addressed, but IIRC TPPK damage is not reduced by 1/6 because the technique is fired before hostile, which makes it so dangerous.
Damage is applied the same, whether it comes from a TPPK, PK or is applied in a duel, young padawan.



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Re: Anti TPPK guide

Make all your changes and post v1.1 in a new thread and I'll lock this one.

I very much appreciate your feedback, Tai. I will work on the fixes asap.

Is there a possibility for me to edit my guide, can the hardcore forum moderator open it for me or do i have to just release version 1.1?

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