Anti-Summon Necro?


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Anti-Summon Necro?

Is it possible to create a necro that doesn't use summoning skills? :scratch:
I was just wondering cause I want to start a necro without summoning skills (not even 1 skill point in the summoning tree)

Or will I be an angel after 2 seconds in NM or hell? :innocent:


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to me that kinda defeats to purpose to that character if you dont summon something..

I chose narco because I love the idea of getting an army to help me fight..

Mad Mantis

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ZeChiken said:
Is it possible to create a necro that doesn't use summoning skills?
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses.

There are several builds that can be very effective without summons. Those builds usually depend on Bone Armor, Bone Wall, Bone Prison and AI curses to manage crowds.

Let me list some builds that can still be effective without summons:

- Venomancer
- Daggermancer
- Bonemancer
- Meleemancer


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you may not want to extend a single skillpoint to the summon tree but you can still find wands, heads, etc that will give you access to golems, skeletons, revives, etc. minions dont have to be your main kill method, but they re great as an alternative to your merc always bearing the brunt of the enemies fury, and you dont have to pay in gold to resurrect them...!


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I beleive my avatar explains another necrobuild:


Lets get groovah baby!



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Mad Mantis, you forget two builds:

Mojomancer (only curses)
Edisonmancer (using curses to light the way)

But if you don't use the summon tree, you miss the most fun part of this class:


Mad Mantis

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He said viable builds. Although fun both the Mojomancer and the Edisonmancer are not viable. He could also be playing a Matador.


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I personally enjoyed my bonemancer necro through nightmare. The bone wall/prison synergize with the main bone attack skills, as well as boosting your bone armor, so it's not hard to plug all your skill points into the bone half of the P&B tree (saving some pts for the AI curses and Amp Damage). You'll be doing lots of magic damage with bone spear/spirit, controlling crowds with curses/bone prison, and have CE on hand for backup damage against immunes (that's where Amp comes in handy). I haven't gotten him to hell yet, but I hear he's viable, and it's a pretty simple build to play.

Another possibility is a psn necro. Mine uses skeletons, but I would guess that you could make one that used curses or bone wall/prison for crowd control.


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I too would like to know these things. Edison sounded like you pumped up a curse with big radius and used it like a flashlight... but that makes not the sense! I'm confused now.

Mad Mantis

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Edisonmancer: pump curses with a large radius/duration and use them to light up dark caverns. Not logical, but fun. A sort of Mojomancer.

Matador: Max BA and the synergies. Max IM and let the monsters hit you.