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Another: Which would you use thread (rings this time)

So here's the same question, different items for those who saw my last thread about gloves. This time I'm choosing rings. I currently use the ring below:

My other ring is a ravenfrost. But I think I found a ring that may be better than my current rare, it is this one:

So on to the stat overview I go:

-My ring(1st one) is 34 stat x 3 = 102 life gained

-Ring #2 is 25 stat x 3 = 75 + 11 = 86 life gained

So essentially if I give up the equivalent of 16 health I will gain 3 more all res, and 4% ml

My physical damage during lightning fury is 651-1805. I have no ml currently do you think 4% will be enough to sustain lf with a mana cost of 28? I figure the loss of AR is of no value. The added ll is worth a little too. 12%ll currently, so 20% if I change to ring number 2.

My resists in hell lr=113, fr=97, cr=102, pr=91 with the current ring on. I both pvm and pvp so more light res is always good. As it is currently anyone with a decent griffon and tstrokes break my max 85 lr so the 3 more all res is helpful. What do you guys think? The char lvl of ** on #2 is something to think about aswell. I have an alternative to wear until then though. Please feel free to express any and all opinions. Thanks again.


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pvp? go with 1 i'd say. pvm go with 2 duel leech. keep both in stash. if you're looking for res neither one is good. i'd find a ring with 20-30 res on the two most important, cold/light and use it. look at it this way if you str glitch at 20 the other ring will cover you, you use 2 for pvm and the stats (specifically the dex) arent as important but the leeches are golden. rings are easy to stash and put on at need ammies too.

conclusion: neither or both. no vote.

ps. i think the 3 res is the least important difference. if you really need the res, you need more than 3 more.


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4% ML should cut it against monsters with little-to-no physical resistance, but against everything else it won't really do jack for you. Still my vote goes for #2... sell the first one to some rich PvPer for mad bank.


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"Mad bank" my new word for the week. I'm not big on changing a lot of equipment when I go from pvm to pvp. So I think I'll go with ring #2 if I can get it. It appears to be better overall and definitely better for pvm. I go through about 10 mana pots/ baal run now. Anything better then that is a plus, and I beleive on a javazon more res is almost good.