Another returning weirdo, plus thanks!


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Another returning weirdo, plus thanks!

Hello fellow SPFers,

It's been a long time since I've last posted and returned to lurker...dom...ness, but I've never really stopped reading this great forum. It's GREAT to see how a community can be so tightly related and honorable like this one. Truly, this is a haven in the middle of the intarwebz.

Moving on, with the advent of 1.13, that d2 flame consumed my thoughts again, and here I am.

I have kept my stashes from 1.12, since there was no major change to game mechanics, and also it wasn't such a big one anyway, except for some jewels and charms I hold close to my heart (40% ED ftw!).

So, I dusted off my desktop icon (which has never left its place for the past ~3 years), double-clicked it, and started a travincal barb for rune finding. A week has gone by and the tiny guy is now level 82, and getting his arse handed to him by the council on a regular basis. But things will pick up once I hit 86 or so.

So I've been switching between him and Elhaym, my blizzsorc, to do some LK/cow runs, Nothing really notable dropped, except for the odd Hel or Dol. Actually one Mal, but that was so out of the way it almost doesn't count. But something happened yesterday... that I felt I had to share and come back to this place, and help out in the awesome project of mapping LK running.

In that spirit, before I go around reading some more and doing more runs, I'd like to sincerely thank SilosPen for his great run counter, and the luck it has brought upon my rune-starved carcass of a man.

After pages upon pages of reading about he great HR finds of our dear folk in here, all the while thinking "@#$%&* WHY DOESN'T THIS HAPPEN TO ME!! :banghead:", I decided to make a serious commitment to LK runnning, and told myself: "I will do 250 runs a day, for 4 days, and if not a single stinking rune, at least a Mal doesn't drop, I give up on HRs.". So I turned on the run counter, got my "practice run" done, and on the count of 1 (one, uno, um), ..... it finally happened.
Thank you great Silos, for the luck bestowed upon me. And nice dang counter btw.

*Puts on Shiny Shinguards of quickness*



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Re: Another returning weirdo, plus thanks!

...and from a regular chest, too :facepalm:

Welcome back! Don't think I've seen you around the last few years...I still hope, that someday some guy will come back to the SPF, not because of the increased rune drop rate in 1.13, but because of the removal of Iron Maiden, yelling

"yeah baby, my Zealadin/Fendazon/FuryDruid/WW barb/Frenzy barb/whatever melee character is going to rock that house!!!!"

But - oh well, I guess, I have to wait some more time ;-)

Seriously though, good luck on your MF and rune find endeavours!

...and because nobody else said it yet: gieb roonz! :p


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Re: Another returning weirdo, plus thanks!

Welcome back - I do recall seeing you in some threads. Congrats on the Ohm (and that is hilarious that it was on your first run and from a regular chest!!!).