Another returnee


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Another returnee

Yep. I'm back again after yet another D2 hiatus. This time it's a bit different. I did a complete D2 wipe, characters and ATMA stashes included. Of course, I decided to come back...which means I'm starting all over. I've decided to try and restrict myself to HC. I'll probably be mostly lurking, but I do plan on participating in tourneys, as it's always kept my interest in the game (usually).

So, hello again to all who know me, and greetings to those who are new.


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Welcome back! Good luck on the tourneys.

Hmm... alot of returnees are coming back now. Great. :clap:


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*completely agrees with Nacaa on 'oldies' coming back being great*

Welcome back, Vildecor! :)


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Welcome back, (though I weren't here when you left). Hope you'll enjoy your stay once more ............
Is there some special offer on returnee's to the SPf today? your the 4th person today who's returned!
Anyway, i vaguely remember you so no need for a shin kick, welcome back, come drink at the EMB with us all!


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This must be a balance issue. First there's a sudden influx of n00bs and now the oldies are coming back. GG SPF!

Welcome back, Vildecor :howdy:


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We get a handful of n00bs, a handful of returnees and a couple of b-netters looking for hacks. Fairly typical day at the SPF.

Welcome back Vildecor!