Another restriction question (who would've guessed)


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Another restriction question (who would've guessed)

..soo.. my own restriction (for w/e it is i did, they never even told me..) has finally cleared.. yay!! ..right?

..wish it were that easy.. for some reason now, after i leave w/e game i'm in, it always bans my ip AGAIN.. for 5 minutes, then it clears so i can join another game, but once i leave that game, BAN again, 5 MINUTES.. anybody else having this sort of issue? b/c this is kind of crappy

note: i've been in all of these games for at least 10 minutes, so i'm not joining/leaving too fast.


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thats common after longer ip bans, give it more time to fully clear, stay in games longer or give bnet longer breaks


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Basically, this is Bliz's way of dealing with bots. Anytime they think you're acting like a bot, you'll get a temp IP ban. Of course, this means a lot of people who have nothing to do with bots still get temp IP bans. Sometimes it can have nothing to do with entering and exiting games, but more to do with what you're doing in and in between games...spamming chat for one, any long series of quick repetitive actions (hammers? tornados? teleport?). A lag spike can come along and store up a lot of individual actions and shove them through to the server all at once.

I don't know, just some thoughts and observations.

I take it as a message to take a real life break. Go hug the wife, spank the kid, kick the dog and pop a brewskie!

Here's a link with some basic info. Good Luck!


I've been having a problem with my Faithazon char for weeks now. I hadn't touched that char in over a month, logged in to do some pit runs and after the first run I got a temp ban. Now everytime I log into that one char, I get one run out of her and then a temp ban. I have tried everything from staying in that game for 15-20 minutes, that didn't work. I would then stay in the game for a long period of time and wait a good 5 minutes(in channel) before making the next game and it still happens.

I can log into any other char on that account, or any of my other accounts for that matter, and do as many pit runs as I want. It's been frustrating as hell, that's one of my favorite chars this season and I'd like to get her past level 90 some time this century.


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What about firewalls and stuff like that? When I used to block my D2 port, i could hardly log in, I often got disconnected, and got some pretty high pings.


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..ah well.. I leave for a 2 month vacation in 2 weeks from this point anyhow, so after a week (it would've marked having been banned for 3+ weeks, even though this length of time isn't listed anywhere) imma stop trying and not care.. i've pestured them enough too, posted on open tech support two times, went to "blizzard chat" two times, contacted that stupid e-mail support three times to hear them say the reason for everything is "undisclosed" lol, its so tacky..

meh @ this point.. prolly gonna give my acct to a friend, at this point they've lost a D2 player, a WoW customer (yeah), and future customer for any product b/c of their lazy and un-coordinated customer support, which I know alot of you have also dealt with lol.. i'd consider trying D3 if that ever even comes out.. but they're probably just going to ride the WoW franchise until death

they won't care. But i guess thats really the beauty part on my end .. ..more money for bigger things

... I COULD call the customer support live number and give em' a supreme rant of a lifetime.. but that'd unfortunately just give them more money to tell me "everything you've just told us is undisclosed and cannot be reversed, but i'm sure you know the drill by now.. We here at blizzard appreciate your business, and we value our customers..!! Please be sure to check out our prieview event for 'World of Warcraft, The Burni.." **CLICK**