[Build] Another Pet Build after 1.0.4.


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So, umm, yeah, I've used a build like this for the last few days.

I just tried to go for what is the strongest and I think I've found it.

The only thing that I'm in-between has been the pyrogeist and spider queen. Pyrogeist works better overall but when overwhelmed, the queen does nicer damage.

Oh, and I NEVER lose any minions in acts 1-3 inferno :crazyeyes:.

At the moment I've geared myself on ~350 LoH, 1k life regen, as much resists, int and vita I can get on my budget and any MF/Crit I can squeeze in.


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Please link your character, I would like to see what you have put together to "NEVER lose any minions......."



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I've been using a very similar build with excellent results.

I'm currently using Big Stinker, Rabid Dogs, RoT, with the Bad Medicine passive to weaken attackers.

Of Wolf and Man

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I've been using this similar build. Have 3XX LoH and around 1200regen. My pets still die from time to time but the build is still fairly safe, only really die from lack of attention (standing on pools). My resists are not good and my around is around 4.4k. Life is 38k and un-buffed dps is at around 25k.

Have mostly been playing with my Monk and Wiz friends. Can farm Act2 with no problems and made a fair bit of progress into Act3. I had all but given up on my WD prior to 1.04 and had been playing a Sprint/WW Barb, much prefer the play style of the WD with pets and that was the maiun reason I choose the WD to start with. Glad Blizz have finally made the pets viable.


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this is what I've been using

my pets don't die in Acts 1 ever.
they die in Act 2 at Belaial of course.
Act 3 is pretty tough once I get outside the tower (but I usually die before the pets do)

I do pretty well in multiplayer games.
The pets and zombie wall provide a nice stop point that holds in place and then the wizards and demon hunters lay waste to everything.


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I've switched around to http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bfdYUT!bUa!ZcZYcc at the moment.

My pets are a bit weaker but I get alot more mana so I can spam more bears. I sometimes die in A3 but I clear A2 with ease.

Here is my char, as requested.
I use this build:


May switch to Burning Dogs and swap out Fierce Loyalty for Vision Quest for more Bear up-time. I'm satisfied with pet survivability in Act 2 Inferno, but haven't tested their survivability without Leeching Beasts and/or Fierce Loyalty providing 1400 life-regen. It would be nice if I could not use either, so that I could get more DPS. However, it would be interesting to try thorns gear, but adding thorns to my setup without losing anything is probably out of my price range.



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I never used either of those passives and my pets were fine until at least Act 2 Inferno. YMMV depending on your gear of course. In my experience the Gargantuan rarely dies even to Elites, while the ZDs are still relatively weak. Jungle Fortitude helps a lot, but personally I always went with a rapid resummoning build, often, but not always utilizing Grave Injutice and an extended pickup radius of at least +10 yards.

After a certain gear level though, I think that ZDs are a waste of a skill slot, even with a character built around Sacrifice. It's much better to get your dogs from other sources. Lately though I started to completely ignore the dogs, since Zombie Bears and Acid Cloud are such a powerful Elite and AoE killers, that my kill speed makes ZDs completely unnecessary. I found that when I'd need more defense, dogs wouldn't help anyway. This is the build I use for Inferno at the moment: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#afRdQT!TbY!acacbZ
And my WD: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/HardRock-2380/hero/3410205

It's not exactly a pet focused build, but I still rely heavily on my Gargantuan taking a lot of hits against certain Elites.
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However, it would be interesting to try thorns gear, but adding thorns to my setup without losing anything is probably out of my price range.
I read that the thorns gear is not worth the price of losing more dps. :thankyou:



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I read that the thorns gear is not worth the price of losing more dps. :thankyou:
It definately isn't the most optimal set up but its a hell of a lot of fun! I tacked both life regen and thorns...just got to inferno and I only spent 400k so far. I have 13k thorns, 1100 life regen, 13k DPS, 59k life, and about 300-400 all resits. Not the best stats at all but I'm having a blast so far!