another one of those intro thread


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another one of those intro thread

Hi all,
was told it would be a good idea to do one of these, so here goes.

Im Steve, new to the forums, and relatively new to diabloII. My addiction has really only begun about a month ago. every year during finals period, I seem to find diablo ... or rather, it finds me. This time it stuck through though.

been playing with all my free time for the past month, besides work, and the summer college classes. got 6 new chars up to about the 45-50 level, and my meteorb is about 70.

currently only playing single player because with the deal I got on the CDs ($5) one of the stipulations was that the player could keep his characters on, so Im going to have to purchise a new copy to do that, or send away to blizzard. but looking forward to the expanse that lies online.

Intro out


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Hello shersman! Welcome to the SPF. :)

Have some shinguards, you'll so need them... *hands new and improved special, ultra-strong, at-least-thrice-kick-repellent shinguards to shersman* ;)
Nooo! damn you sidley!
And stick with SP, we may be biased, but Bnet has gone to hell recently. All anyone does is rush through to hell baal, and use duped runes that they get given to make unstoppable characters. However, if you want to have a challenge, and have fun with us, then stick with SP.


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Welcome! Don't bother writing to Blizzard to get online. Single Playaer is the way to go.

Make sure to check out the ATMA thread stickied at the top of the page for an extremely important tool for facilitating the SP addiction.


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Yeah, what they said. :thumbsup: Only SP...always SP. Welcome aboard, And don't feed the squid.


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Welcome to the forum.

You should try B-net sometime, it will make you love the SPf even more.


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Welcome! Enjoy this goodie basket *looks at stock* hmm, of sherbert and squid repelant. Dont' mind the boys and I think we might still have some baked goodies in the EMB so stop on by.