Another noob questions


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Another noob questions

Hi all.

I used to play Diablo a lot, but just recently started playing on Bnet. So I've got couple of questions.

1. Which realm should I choose?

The obvious answer would be the one closest to me, so in my case Europe, but are there any other things to consider like economics, community and so. I've been playing on USEast now for a while and I managed to get few quite nice items for free, like socketed Bartucs, Spirit Shroud and Vipermagi armors and lots of sigons. I wonder if that would be possible on other realms as well. And are there any significant diffrences beetwen them at all?

2. What are duped items and what's wrong about them?

How can they be recognized and why one schould avoid them?

3. How does it look like with cheating on Bnet?

While looking for resources online I found some sites with loads of cheating stuff including maphacks, scripts, autopickers, autonamelockers, some hacking programs and so on with most of them claiming to work on 1.11b udetectably. Are these programs really working and are they in use? If so how can I compete with players using them? Or maybe some scripts are the usual element of gameplay nowadays?

Thanks for any help and regards.

Evrae Altana

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1. All of the realms are filled with dupes and morons, so there's no difference in that regard, so I'd just go with the realm closest to where I live unless you have a whole bunch of friends that play on another realm.
2. Duped items are duplicate copies of another items. They're counterfeit, that's what's wrong with them. There's no way to tell if it's a dupe item or not.
3. If you want to play on B.Net in a cheat free environment, the best bet would be to play in private games by yourself or with close friends. Be wary of public games. Most of them are pretty safe, but educate yourself about scams in order to avoid being cheated out of your items.


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1. Some realms have more duped items than other realms; I suppose that's the main difference :)

2. A duped (=duplicated) item is an item that has been copied. Whoever found the original one decided to copy it and then trade the copies. This practice is very common on the realms, especially with high-end items such as the rarest runes, elite uniques/set items and similar.

The problem with dupes, apart from the fact it is blatant cheating, is that it's very difficult if not impossible to tell if an item you're trading for is duped or not, and that duped items are periodically removed by Blizzard.

3. There is too much cheating on BNet, unfortunately. I only play Single Player myself, much for this reason. Perhaps a new Ladder Reset would help, at least for a while.