Another New player


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Another New player

I just got my girlfriend of 6 years into the world of Diablo 2. After watching me play for a long time I finally asked if she wanted to try. So I got her started on a meteorb sorc to begin with and had to buy another copy of the game so we don't fight over the computer. Now I have a very trustable friend to help me tfer and level and stuff, and hope to get her on these forums too.My question is: do any of you folks have a spouse, gf/bf, that you got into the game?


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nopes, and i probably wouldnt try either. i would try to have fun in other ways ;) So as soon as i get a girl on the hook (military service kind of prevents me, but when this summer is over...), d2 will be suffering big-time!!

but welcome anyway! :D


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G'day, Welcome to the forums!
You lucky bastard! My Wife has snapped a few of my discs just cause i play it too much. I have been restricted to two D2 nights a week! LOL! I hope your gf takes to it like a duck to water. Hope you both have fun, excitement and find lots of great stuff.


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My boyfriend just got me started on the game. We had to get me a laptop so he could still have his computer. We are so bad we had to by two Xbox consoles also. We can share everything but electonics. :)


Me and my boyfriend started to play diablo at the same time in 1.09, we've been on-and-off since then (with diablo that is, not the relationship ;) ). We have a good system, I find all the stuff, he RIPs it :rolleyes: (we're on HC).


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I used to have a g/f that played. I seriously doubt my current one would play with me. It sure is fun though, eh?


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My gf tried it once but didn't understand it very well; she's not a video game player really. She thinks video games are for kids, and she's never really gotten into them (I recently saw a post mentioning that a 79 yr old grandmother plays d2). She works most nights so I usually play when she isn't around since we have better things to do when she is home. Ima try again when we're bored sometime, or if she changes work hours- maybe I can get her to take to it if I start her off slow so she doesn't get overwhelmed.