Another introduction


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Another introduction

Hi all!

Well it seems to be the week of introductions here, so I decided to finally do it myself. I've been browsing through this and other forums here at for a few weeks now. I did try to post something before, but mere minutes after I did so apperently there was a system crash or something? So, this here is my second attempt. As for the introduction, my name is mawa, short for Marcel Wakker. I'm from Holland (and from what I've seen here I'm not the only one). I'v been playing D2 ever since it was released, same for LoD. Actually, I bought LoD as soon as the shops opened on the day it was released (sad, I know). Anyway, that's me.


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Welcome mawa,

the Dutch connection is really strong here. Enjoy your stay, browse through the stickies and most of all: Have fun!


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Welcome and I hope you stay around for a while! Play some MP games and just generally hang out with us.


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Greetings and welcome to our forum. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques.

Feel free to drop by at the local forum bar, the EMB, for a quiet drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.


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Heya! Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the ride. Keep all limbs and valuables inside the vessel at all times as we are not responsible for any attacks (especially of the cephalopodic variety!).

Butz. :teeth: