Another hack in Battlenet... ?!?!


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Another hack in Battlenet... ?!?!

Heya ...

Wtf is happen to Battlenet , guys ?

Recently i have seen a lot of dupes and hacks ....

Yesterday i was in a game called "Duel Now Plzz" (yes i know , public duelz sucks , well.. none of my friends was online , i don't have anything to do ...).

At the first minute i was choose to duel with one lvl 69 sorcy ("Hadrcore_Lvler", a chantress ....very easy i was thinking) , when i was in the bridge and going out the town , i don't know how , i took a lot of damage (yes , it's sad and true , but she kill me when i was in the bridge) . After this i try to get my body for more one time , and she kill me again . Everyone that was in this game got killed from her in the bridge ...

Anyone know if this is a hack or a bug of the game ?


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Theres a LoD bug wherein an enchantress chants her act1 mercenary and stands in town, with the chanted merc outside. Usually done with a partner hostile to the chantress who then casts some sort of summon over and over. The chantress' mercenary shoots enchanted arrows at the summons, but if done correctly, they'll have been recast somewhere else, leaving her merc's arrow to miss. If the arrows shot at a summon miss it, and continue on into town, they can kill you if you're hostile to her. Only works with the act1 merc arrows AFAIK.

I'm guessing this bug carries over into classic as well, and thats what you saw.



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Haha, this is one of the more fun bugs I like to use once in a while to pick off sitting ducks who refuse to come out of town. Half of them just leave the game in shock or beg to know how it's done.

- Akukami


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I'd love to test this out at some point Warlock, sounds like it could be so funny in norm games or something.

I have an assignment due in tomorrow so I won't be playing tonight though, and it's halloween tomorrow so I doubt I'll be online.

But next time we're both on it would be funny to test it.

To Karamba, sounds bad if it happened to you, we will have to conduct research in the name of having fun! Er.. I mean in the name of public safety.


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I will be coming back home for helloween (or however it is called in your country), so I think we could meet starting from wednesday I think.

I hoped that a public dupe would leak or something, so finally we would come back to the fair prices of 1soj=1pskull ;D


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You're right, Fledgeling, it was rather unfair of Karamba to get our hopes up and then start about a 'townkill' hack rather then a 'dupe my duped dupes' kinda hack. :)


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it's not funny at all when you're high lvl enchantress wearing a +2 +3enchant staff dies in hardcore


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I've had this happen to me in classic a few weeks ago, so I just went through the Cold Plains wps nekkid, and killed the chantress. The necro partner was low, so he wasn't a threat. She was 20 levels over me, but that doesn't matter when its a chantress...


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but on another note, there is a new feature out with some maphack where a player can lag a game on purpose. This barb kept doing it to nk people in the room I was leveling in.