Another Dumb Scammer ...


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Another Dumb Scammer ...

So ... there I was last night running normal Diablo and Baal trying to find some loot for the Assasin I am trying out (first one I really put some effort into ... she is only lvl 20 so far) ...

And along joins 2 characters whom, I will preface by saying, tried desperately to communicate without it appearing that they know each other. Disgustingly obvious. Quite funny stuff. Another preface is that I am a lvl 35 Pali, using a Hellplague Unique Long Sword cubed up (via upgrade recipe) to a rune sword and socketed (via Act5 quest) with a PRuby. Does nice damage, gives me +2 skills and keeps my health and mana full.

Anyhow ... I will refer to them as Scammer, Dunce and of course Me.

Scammer - Hey Pali, you wanna trade?
Me - Nope, just doing some runs. Thanks tho.
Scammer - I have awesome scepter ... 4 sockets!
Me - No thanks. My weapon serves me fine.
Scammer - Does 210 - 360 dam!
Me - Mine 305-604
Scammer - +3 conviction
Me - +2 skills
Scammer - +3 leech
Me - +5 L/M leech
Scammer - *** insert random baloney stats here, I forget all the crap he listed ***
Me - Listen kid, if you REALLY want to get rid of such a UBER weapon ... leave it by my chest. I'll pick it up in a minute.
Me - Thanks
Scammer - Huh???????????????
Me - I said ... go ahead and drop it if you don't want it, I'll pick it up later.
Scammer - Wut u got?
Me - I TOLD you ... a better sword than what you are offering.
Scammer - Trade NooB!
Me - I don't need it. If you don't want it so bad ... go ahead and drop it.
Him - NO. You need to give me something for me to give you something. WUG?
Me - A couple gems I guess.
Scammer - Thats fine, a deal for you ... but only because I have this bug where I cannot show it in a trade window.
Me - Oh, then I give you only 3 PTopaz for it then.
Scammer - ok. Come trade.
*** By this time ... I had been laughing so hard my character got swarmed and died***
Me - The gems are on my body, I just died. I'll be there when I can get it back.
Scammer - Come trade THEN get your body
Me - Can't ... gems on my corpse.
Scammer - Maybe this other guy who is in can help.
Dunce - Me? Ya, where is your body.
Me - Hell.
Dunce - ok ... be right there.
*** a few minutes pass by ***
Dunce - I can't find you. Where are you?
*** keep in mind, we are all partied together. I am in throne of destruction. He is searching thru Act4 for me. All he needed to do was look in his party window! ***
Me - Hell ... by where the guys come out from the Ball guy.
Dunce - You mean Baal?
Me - Yup ... in hell.
Scammer - LOL, NOOB! This is normal. Hell is later, after nightmare.
Me - No! My manual says you go to hell to beat Diablo. I beat him and am in hell now.
Dunce - Well, I can't find you.
Scammer - Where is he? You need to find him so I can trade! Come on Joe! (interesting, how would he know the other guy is Joe?)
Me - Don't bother ... I think I found myself.
Scammer - well ... hurry up.
Dunce - Hey ... I am out ... this guy is a stoopid noob. (Dunce leaves game)
Scammer - Come on ... now it is going to be harder to trade.
Me - Huh? Why?
Scammer - Because of this bug I have ... it needs another guy in the window to be able to trade around corners. Now you need to drop in middle of town.
Me - Hold on.
*** a minute passes by ***
Me - My manual doesn't say anything about this? What are you talking about?
*** By this time ... Scammer is going crazy! Yelling at me to hurry up or I lose a great deal.

Me - Listen ... enough of this. I am not stupid. I have been toying with you for the past 30 minutes. How do you feel to be treated as stupid as you try to exploit others?
Scammer - I am going to hack your account ... I am gonna steal your loot ... you suck NOOB!
Me - I have been recording this game. I am reporting you to Blizz. I hope you don't have any hacked or duped items ... or any kind of maphack or anything.
Scammer - No you won't
Me - I am going to as soon as I log off. Enjoy losing your account. This is all going to Blizz. Dope.
Scammer - Dont! I was just kidding! I don't want to lose my account! Come to act2 and I'll give you a Gheeds!
*** I leave game ... ***

The moral of this story ... it takes a very dumb person to go looking for dumb people to pull a dumb drop-item scam on.


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AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.....the funniest thing i ever heard.......i can only say one thing:



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Thanks for posting that, ericbres. That gave me a great laugh! you played that jerk like a violin.

I swear the scammers on BNet get dumber by the day.


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Ah ... never thought of the printscreen.
I'll have to remember that if I get lucky enough to have a "next time".
Then I can post the comedy in it's full glory! :winner:


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Funny stuff. The fact that the guy tried to scam for some gems is even funnier. Scammer mentality, duh. Some will try to scam for a few chipped gems, or a stack of keys. How pathetic, lol


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i have fun with the print screen. one time i was in a trade game.. some pally was being a jerk saying hey duel me duel me i own you u noob duel me!! like 10 seconds later some pally killed him.. oh god it was so funny. kinda dumb but i got my laughs on that one. and print screen. altho i dont have a website to post pics on to show you. or else i'd just upload them to the post. :)

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Voldemort said:
You look at message screen and the print screen
Well, other than printscreen...thats not so handy for long conversation.

hmmmm, thats whats needed a Diablo 2 conversation logger util.

Lord Chaos

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Yeah, but thats hardly a really viable way of keeping logs...heck it could be useful if you leave the game or if the game drops and you didn't get any screenshot.

There's a hell of alot of things I'd wish I could go back and read again in Diablo 2...many both good and bad moments.


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I have to say that I'm amazed at what people will try.. I was going to say "who would believe that crap" but im sure someone might and I don't want to offend them. what was all that stuff about an around the corner trade?? LOL Give me a break.
Good luck on blizz doing anything about this if you were serious about that lol.. And btw, how the hell could you stay in the game and deal with their crap for so long?


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haha that was pretty funny. I love messing around with scammers sometimes, there are moments when that is more fun than actually playing... they do seem to be gettin dumber over time


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I remember a real long time ago when someone tried to do that teleport into town thing, I dropped like a 'crude short sword' and he TPed in and grabbed it up. He was like "WTF?!!" and I was like "LOL".

Sometimes people will drop their item out of town in order to show that they are "trustworthy" before asking you to drop your item in town. This is the perfect opportunity to Iron Golem his item. I once successfully Iron Golemed a potential scammer's shaftstop. I encourage you all to do the same.