Another call for an untwinked weekly group (deviant builds?) der=0


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Another call for an untwinked weekly group (deviant builds?)

I really missed the boat by not getting in on the Senior Citizens Division game, but alas, real life has been hectic and there was no time. So now that there is time, I'm gonna attempt to start up one of my own.

I would like to aim for a friendly group of mature people to play Tuesday nights on HCL East, 9 - 11 PM eastern. I figure the rules are standard and simple:
- Dont play chars outside of the group (unless its to catch up)
- No tweaking
- Share drops (I think if the group is friendly items shouldnt be an issue)
- Be kind, please rewind and all that good stuff

As a player of deviant builds I'm especially open to anyone who wants to see how far we can go with lesser-used subclasses... I'm thinking either a Summoner Druid or a Holy Freeze Paladin for myself.

If anyone is interested please reply here; if we get a few people together we can hopefully start this Tuesday.



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I would be interested. Limited hardcore experience but following the forum has me intrigued. Would be any needed character but prefer sorc, barb, druid or necro. Limited exp w paladins and zip w assasin. Like idea of lesser used builds that might together offset weaknesses. Know off the bat I would miss week two as will be away. Account is Canderson. Cheers.



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I'm very interested. Tuesdays are perfect for me, as is 9-11 (Eastern I assume, but of course what else would it be?). I love the untwinked idea, love the lesser-used builds idea, love just about everything. I usually play Pallys or Sins, but I have played everything except for Druids pretty much extensively. My acct is spankythebeaver; just LMK when we start.



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Could I tac on a request to do such a group on west? Please PM me if interested. A thursday night game seems a good time for me. 8:00 or 9:00 - 11:00.

Builds should be group oriented. I plan on making a Bo/thrower Barb.


Hope you don't mind a little blantent thread jacking..



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Darn, i dont have enuff hands! I would love to play with a summoner Druid if its going HoW!?!?!?!?

Then toss in a Fanatic Nutcase Zealot
Frenzied Lunatic Barb
Two hand MAD thumping Wearbear
Bone Necro (seems out of place)
MA Sin
PikeZon!?!?!? ewwwwww this sounds sick! Actually with all the Offensive Aruras a MS Zon could lay down some damage!


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God i missed the Tesledin........Hell with How he could be deadly even to LIs!

ewwww........sick idea has come to me again......ewwww....


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I'm definetly up for it. I've started a few untwinks so far, and the biggest issue is not wanting to quest in pubbies.

I'll play anything. Right now I'm tooling around with a skellymancer, but I do enjoy the cry barb tanks.

I'll be on tonight as well after work on USeast



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Keep checking this thread for info!

Might as well make it official and say non-cookie-cutter builds on. Team Deviant could be really really fun!!!

Stinger, do you actually want and join this group? When I was scoping the SCD thread it looked like you were involved, and I thought they met in this exact time slot.

Pintail-Hunter: Tesladin is yours. I wont be a holy freeze pally for this reason because a) I've done it before and b) we'd fight over pally gear =)
As such I'm probably gonna take the summoning druid slot.

ZeonZaku: Make a new thread man, "Untwinked Deviant Build Group, West" I dont care about a hijack but it'll be easier to get people that way! Or hell, we're doing untwinked... how bad is your East ping? You could just start a new account and play with US! You could be our thrower barb!

viamede: sorc, barb and necro are open... dunno what Zeon is gonna do so maybe it's safest to pick the sorc or necro if you dont care. What builds were you thinking? Chain Lightning sorc, Enchantress, Daggermancer?...

If we got 1 deviant build from each character type this could rule!


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I guess I will go chain lightening. Never played always cold or fire or now both meororb so would be new. Enchantress may be more party friendly though but probably do a lot less damage herself. So probably chain unless anyone feels we need something else to round out. We definitely need at least one barb and sorc.


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So that brings the current lineup to...

Kitriara: Summoner [druid]
Pintail-Hunter: Tesladin [paladin]
UndeadDragoon: Daggermancer [necromancer]
viamede: Chain Lightning [sorceress]
lasthero: Phoenix Striker [assassin]
hc_ugajeremy: Crier [barbarian]

If we get some kind of Amazon, full house!

If everyone is happy with the current setup, I'm gonna assume this is what we'd like to do. I'm not sure how we want to coordinate this... if everyone has an email that they check, I'd say please email me ([email protected]) and that way I can put together a little mailing list for our venture.

I'll post again here later of course but as of now I'm going to assume this team is a go this upcoming Tuesday, 9-11 PM eastern time.


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Kitriara said:
You could just start a new account and play with US! You could be our thrower barb!

viamede: sorc, barb and necro are open... dunno what Zeon is gonna do so maybe it's safest to pick the sorc or necro if you dont care.
You know what I just got my DSL amped up and haven't tried out East. So what the heck. I'll join you guys, save me the throw barb slot with Bo.

Side question no playing while not on thogether I understand. However I assume this dose not include buying or gambling right?


Doh! Looks like a missed the bus. Oh well let me know if you need me.
I am making a West group too so keep an eye out ;)


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I have an idea for a zon who throws potions...Ive been thinking about it for awhile and would love to give it a try. Let me know if you can use me. acct *zachs


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hey, good to hear you're getting something started kitriara-scd missed your hf pali so i had to take the pali slot :p

good luck, and keep us up to date