Another armor question for fury/rabies.


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Another armor question for fury/rabies.

Scanning through the forums I noticed most druids wear either Enigma or Fort.

Enigma has the huge str bonus which would save me some points that can go into vit..But fort also has the life boost based on Clvl..

Would the life boost of fort make up for it? or would I get alot more life based on the points I save with enigma.

Im going for 156 str for SS...My fort is a Dusk


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pvp or pvm?

The life on forti isnt boable while the life gained from using eni is. And forti has so much more to it. damage, res, life. And in pvp its more flexible, cos you dont rely on the str from eni, so you can wear bramble without problems.


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Yea my wolf is gonna be used for PvP.

I was leaning towards fortitude but I wanted some good opinions from the great wolves this forum has.


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Imo it is a bad idea too build your wolf around enigmas strength.

I would make sure you have enough strength with out usin enigma to use ss

As for the armor choices it comes down too your taste , if you wanna run fast use enigma if you want more damage and res but run a little slower use Fortitude the damage increase from enigma usin fort is significant.

and bramble also works nicely when its 45%+

I myself have the funds too use all 3 of those armors and keep them in my stash constantly switchin for what i fight.


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I'm currently experimenting with a CoH Scarab husk. The massive resists are allowing me to swap out resist charms for charms with frw/life/damage. That and allowing me to shael my jalals and ber my stormshield (instead of uming them both)

+20 str and 8% dr and +2 skills are useful mods as well.

I still have a bramble (20/48!) and a fort in my stash...but I'm liking the flexibility that coh gives me...I can use hsarus boots/belt along with mara's/bul kath or hsarus combo with angelic combo for immense AR...

Still testing, but it seems to work really well.