Another Anni


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Another Anni

I created a game to do meph...then i saw a couple sojs sold, so i decided to say for a while.....

did meph, durance 3, ancient tunnels, den of evil....then thought....hmmmm

So i left my comp there for 15 mins waiting for somehting to happen.

By this time 50 soj's had been sold and nothing :rant:

I whispered to my friend..."Oh man.....50 sojs sold and no dclone" (Exact words)

1/2 sec later Diablo Walks the Earth :surprise: :clap:

WOOHOO....only takes me about 2 mins to kill him with a 5500 k blizz sorc

but alas the stats arent great...

18/11/7 :grrr:


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cool, I got my first the other night. Created a game to do a pit run .. go to the outer closure wp, see the first soj message, open the first big door, see the second one and then "diablo walks the earth" .. it was really cool, I haven't had a heart pounding like that since the first time I was playing diablo 1 and I hit lvl 3 of the dungons (I believe) and I heard .. "FREASH MEAT!!" ..
that was the most heart pounding I've ever gotton from a video game .. followed closely by my d clone encounter the other night.. btw .. it was 1/15/17/5 .. I believe ..


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fatmantan said:

i just decided to give it away......didnt really need it so
By that i mean, i was showing a dude thinkin notihng of it....he took and left

sure it leaves an empty feeling but pffft its only a game

so wherever you are keyth88 enjoy the present :)