Another Animation from Atom


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Very cool. I've seen it before (I have a feeling it came as a demo with my friend's Radeon 9700 Pro) and I'm still in awe. Having some idea of how they did it, I shudder to think about the amount of effort that went into that.

Dark Matter

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I suppose I should say why I think you should watch the 2nd link :)

Colonel Rescorla talks about his service and then goes on to talk about what he thinks future war will be and the reasons for it.

It is very interesting, esp. in the light of the current situation in Iraq.

There is a perception issue here. What matters is NOT how the Americans (and to a certain extent the Europeans) see the current action, but how normal average everyday Muslims see it. Do they think the action was/is justified?

If so, then you/we have nothing to worry about.
If not, those moderate Muslims may not remain moderate for much longer.

Please take a look.