Annoying legal questions


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Annoying legal questions

Well, boils down to this : I am in Canada, ontario to be specific

My mom lent money to a woman who has pretty much screwed her. There is a paper trail that coresponds to the purchases on the credit card that links the woman in the same place as the purchases, multiple times.

About 15000 dollars of debt has been piled on and as such, mom is quite boned. The woman denies all of these purchases, yet her name is on them.

My current question is there anything that can be legally done? From my perspective I see her willingly, with no paperwork, her credit card and getting boned, I'm sure court would see it the same way.

Over the last months mommy dearest has tried to contact her via email and phone but she hasn't replied to a single thing (most likely covering herself) and legal action isn't something we as a family can afford (seeing as it'd be 3500+ for her court costs alone and not a good shot at getting the win) but the actual interest on the purchases is astronomical.



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i thought most legal actions if you win, cover the costs in the winnings

did mom give as gift or loan. is there any sort of contract. if there good chance she can defend herself as it was gift your pretty much screwed.


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Aren't there lawyers who will work a case initially for free, but will take a % of your winnings if you win. Sure they take a big % (I want to say around 40% or so) but withouth them you wouldn't get anything.