Announcement from me


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Announcement from me

The story:

I came home from work today and see my front door broken down. I stick my head in the door and as in my worst nightmares, a burgular had been visiting.

I quickly looked thru the place and my missing list is as follow:

Computer 7000 NOK
Amplifier 7000 NOK
Projector 11000 NOK
External HardDrive 3500 NOK

Misc stuff ~2000 NOK

About 30.000 NOK in stuff gone.. That translate to about 4000-5000$..

The only thing they didnt take was my speakers, they had to be atleast 3 to move them.

Hope the police finds the guys before i do . . .

The important part:

So to all the people i have trades pending with, im very sorry, your items are lost if you didnt have backup. And i cant give anything back either. As my teacher said, "it doesnt help to have a firewall if someone can walk right in and steal the server!" I had backups of my chars, but they were in the same Comp that got stolen.

Clean start in D2 i guess . . .



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**** thats bad :|
hope you can get back on your feet soon and the cops catch them......
if you need any help gimme a hollar


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Oh man...I'm REALLY sorry for your loss bud (NOW I understand your email).
Once you get back into the swing of things, don't hesitate to ask for some twinkage.
Hang in there man!


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holy ****! that sucks man. :( hopefully insurance will pay for the stuff that got stolen... that way you get an upgraded comp. then i'm quite sure the SPF will help you get back on your D2 feet.


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Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. That's horrible. I hope that nothing vital to either your job or life was lost and that the cops find out who did it fast. Although it's very small consolation, at least you're safe and weren't home to be hurt during the robbery.

I was talking with my uncle about criminal behavior last night, and we just can't understand how anyone can have such a severe lack of basic morality so that such an action seems such, I feel for the loss of your security and feeling thereof.

Although it's clearly of extremely minor relative significance, if you want some D2 items to get back up to speed, post whatever class you plan on making first and I'll definitely chip in whatever I have, and I'm sure everyone else will too.

Will homeowner's insurance help out on this at all? I hope so.



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ah man i'm sorry. it's totally violating when somebody just steals everything you've worked long and hard for.

i hope you aren't too down about it. the forum is with you, i hope you get this behind you as soon as possible.


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That really sucks ive never really had anything more than a few dollars stolen from me and that got me really angry i cant imagine losing all that stuff


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Sorry to hear that mate - sucks that those kind of people exist in the world :(

I've only got 1.09 stuff, but I'd be more than happy to help out with gear if I am able.


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Sorry to hear that :( , that really sucks...

I'm sure the forum will have no problem getting your footholds back in D2 when the time comes.

Best of luck on getting everything recovered.


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That really truly sucks, and I'm sorry for you. Some people have no morales. I'd be happy to help you out with items when you get started up again. Cheers, and better luck in the future!


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Man that sucks. Need anything, I'd be more then willing to send you some stuff. :thumbsup:


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Really sorry to hear that. It sucks. I hope the cops catch them. I am sure the folks here will help with goodies when you get up an running again. I will!


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That sucks! :grrr:

Can't express it in the terms required due to filters in place.

A word of advice, be very careful about filling a claim on that amount, if your insurance covers it. Depending on your insurance, by the time you pay your deductable and they get done jacking up your rates since you now become a person who has claimed :rolleyes: you may not come out ahead. Worse sometimes it can effect other insurance rates such as your auto policy. Friggin scam if ya ask me.

Best of luck to you though.


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That's totally crappy. I have quite a few items that I've been holding onto, because I haven't wanted to trade for anything in a while. I'd be more than willing to part with anything I have to help out. I don't need it! Send me a PM, and I'll tell you what I have to offer.




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Urg. What a bad happening. If you need some items, you can always find me. May the burglar be found faster than speed


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Put another vote in the "That sucks!" column. :mad:

I'm sure the folks here will help with some twinkage once you get back on track. I don't have much to offer but I'm sure I can find something useful if you need it.