Anni Charm Aid??


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Anni Charm Aid??

I play on US West Ladder Softcore and I've never done IP hopping for an anni charm or even seen the diablo clone. I've tried trading ONCE for an anni charm and lost a stormlash on it. Lucky i had 115% faster run walk so i managed to grab my shako, djinni slayer and stormshield. The reason I trusted the guy was I offered alot cuz i didn't need any of it and really wanted an anni charm. It wasn't even a good one. it was only decent. I thank my lucky stars i grabbed my good stuff. But i wasn't fast enough to get it all.

So, I vowed never to trade for an anni charm again. So I was curious how do i find someone to trade with that is trustworthy?

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The forums here. Either trade with someone who has a history of trading there (search though old posts) or get someone trustworthy to moderate the trade.

Or trade with me! I have these:
Annihilus (19 attributes, 17% resist, 8% exp)
Annihilus (12 attributes, 10% resist, 9% exp)
Annihilus (18 attributes, 12% resist, 9% exp)

Or find one yourself. If you go to the forums there are posts containing links to forums and irc channels that specialize in 'ip hunting'. If you can't kill DC yourself, I will help as would many others here.


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You've got a couple of options. First, you can use the Trade forums on this site to look for an annihilus. There are plenty of people here who will trade fairly with you.

Another option is to try the Battlenet website trade forums. You might be able to find a moderator or trustworthy third party that can do the exchanging for you. I can't go into detail exactly how this works because I have personally never tried it. I don't consider an Annihilus to be a tradable commodity -- in other words, if you can't put it in the trade window, forget it.

But I understand how much you really want one. So long as you are willing to accept responsibility for the risks of trading such an item, go for it. But I advise you to never trust an Annihilus trade that's offered in BNet chat. That's just asking to get ripped off.


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Some simple rules to use when trading for unique charms:

1. Do it in a 2 player game with level 1 characters (that way no burst of speed, telekenesis, iron golum, etc)

2. Do it in the middle of the town good distance apart but close enough to see each others items on the ground (keep alt pressed) (not around walls just incase it falls on the wrong side of the wall).

3. If someone refuses these suggestions don't trade with them, as they want to scam you.

Best to use above mentioned mediators/people that have good 'rating' like on the trade forums as generally they are most trustworthy.