And you thought your dog was ugly...

that's not even like ugly .. that's frekzeh. O_O

it actually looks somewhat like a stereotypical zombie dog. =f even the eyes are rolled back.


DaviddeJong said:
I think he lost his left eye..... looks like a marble or something!

I think they've milked over, actually. That would mean he's blind I think.


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It doesn't actually look alive does it? It looks like something the dug up in Egypt out of a pyramid.

Johnny said:
The dog is has white eyes meaning he is blind.
That's probably a blessing. It means it can't see itself in the mirror...



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NefariousNothing said:
..Wow. Resident Evil flashback, anyone?
That's the first thing that popped into my mind. That dog is really hideous. I wouldn't want to wake up to it every morning. :eek: