And you think you or who ever you know are godly???? Check this out...


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And you think you or who ever you know are godly???? Check this out...

All these items are legit and have only circumlated through the richest and top necro duelers on east...

All these belong to ONE necro... He is a beast and most of his necro disciples are in the top 10 on useast... His gear is among the rarest and godliest on the realms. Here is a glimpse of the pinnacle of necrodom o_O
This is the BEST necro wand on east... There is no competition...
He has like 5 of them that i didnt post that look like this but not aaaas good but near these mods...
The charms ranged from 40 lifers to 45 lifers. His goal is to have 10 x 45 lifers...

I went through 5 pairs of underwear looking at his items... To think i only posted about 1/4 what he showed me o_O

All i can say is that useast necros are amazing... Wow i would give my unborn child for his stuff ^_^ jk

Necrodom at its pinacle...

Whats amazing is that i found a group of poeple, riches and best chars in dueling... I felt inferior to their power. 8 people all 8 top chars of their class, perfect CoAs etc all top of the line equipment. We did 30 baal runs. Each baal run took 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds... It was wack... Seeing a perfect CoA made me cry over my ptopazed shako -_-


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i don't know what's the point of this thread. i'm sure some players have the same items, maybe even better ones, and enjoy those items quietly.


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The guy found some of them, subversus was top necro on east in 1.09 he sold his gear to a noob and the guy that showed me the items took advantage of that or something, he played since 1.07 and all the 1.08 items he found himself. o_O

He found the 2 soc shield this week and other stuff through trade or something. But yeah i cant believe stuff like this existed... I always thought that no one would ever have this much necro stuff htat i drool about...


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Erm, 20 poison resist/7fhr/-15 reqs and miniscule attack rating in a wizspike? I've seen far better. The 20 poison resist is less then two small charms, strength would be much better (2 strg per small charm as opposed to 11 poison resist.) The -15 reqs is really the only thing that shines (I have several 11 poison resist/fhr small charms) and a magic 15 res all/-15 reqs would have been just as good. I'm sure with those wands you could easily afford a 15res/-15req jewel.

Are wands with three to bone spirit really worth that much? I have two of them on the ladder, I think. I need to sell those.

The charms are the only thing worth drooling over, and the necro helmet is too.

Edit! Aha! Just found my off ladder necro head. Plus 2 to necro skills/15 resist all/3 to poison nova. Not too shabby if I do say so myself :D


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i didnt know that was 08 sry...i started playin in 09 in all my noobish glory
lol only 08s i know were the duped's..shako..etc...u get my drift


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The only item on there that is "Godly" might be his belt, but arachnids would be better.

The only reason he is so good is because he has so many p and b grand charms.

Did he have enigma? cuz you didnt post his armor or head gear


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One, I must sadly say that this post has NO POINT at all, and I wish it to be closed, if Dark Knight would be so kind?

Two, I believe that a good runeworded necro would promptly stomp this fellah. If some one else had 10x lifers, Perfect Call to Arms (I beleive thats the CoA you were refering to?)

.08 Visc. is prob legit seeing that it wasn't a Mass dupe, but this Jah stuff is too much. Life =Good, but sacrificing Res, skills, block and such for it is bah.

Bone necro's are not invincible. Every build has its down fall. A max cast Blizz sorc with even less gear that his would prob still spank his *** (hard, I might add) unless he uses stacked res.

This post just seems very annoying and just an eye sore. I don't get good vibes from some of that necro's gear. His white wands and one head are good.. but come on.. he is using fricken Highlords. Best Amulet on East, though a dupe, is Storm Circlet:

+2 Necro
(+2 Sorc... who cares...)
20% Cast
+18~ ish Dex I believe (or Strength)
+5X Life
+5X Mana
+23% Light, Fire, Cold Res

A necro that I could see putting up a good fight without the "rareness":

HotO Flail
Shako (Jah)
Homun (Jah)
Trang's Gloves
2x SoJ's
Storm Circlet

on switch:
Call to Arms
Lidless Wall

10x Psn 'n' Bone w/ Vit Mods
1x Perf Anni
9x 20 life and/or Faster Hit Recov

Wow, that is a good build too... and not as expensive... and as or more versatile.

....The time of uber legit magic items // wands and such is closing. The only hope are now the hopped up rares. The Runewords of now own anything 1.09 almost. I say congrats for collecting all the memorabilia, but a well skilled necro with afformentioned gear can kill as well or better.


Allthough I don't agree that this thread is pointless, I hardly see those items as "Godly", or anywhere near "The Pinnacle of Necrodom"...:uhhuh:

The wand is the best I've seen, with plus 8 total to bone spear, but lots of people probrably have one of those.

The belt is pretty good but like, was said, Arach's is better.

The charms of course are cool but hey...I'm sure this "top-dueler" you've mentioned is not so rare in that deparment overall. On the top with charms but definitely needs some gear improvement.

I'd like to see some godly rares but want you've shown us, barely ok. Thekbob's mentioned set-up would likely blow away that guy in the hands of a pro-necro.

Maybe your new to necro's Dracoy. I don't know...:shrug:


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First of all I would like to say that I don't believe this thread is pointless. Theres so many pointless threads, you could pretty much cut all the forum questions by 3/4s. I found it very interesting and Im awaiting more screenshots :). I think we should have more threads like these. It's interesting seeing what other necros are wearing. Some of the stuff that guy has is pretty godly imo. True some of those items are not as viable as they were in 1.09, but still great items nonetheless. The charms especially, I can relate too. It took me a long time for me to get 10 40+ pb gcs. The bs head is still very nice even though nvn duel is dead. The visc is a nice collectable item. The white is nothing special though. The other items are clearly 1.09 stuff and represent my fondest memories of nec dueling so they should not be bashed upon.

Oh on a quick note Knobb that amulet u speak of is not only duped but a bugged amulet. You cant possibly believe an ammy can spawn with 2 sorc, 2 nec 20 cast 50ish life 50 ish mana etc etc. Look at the name too "storm CIRCLET amulet" If i was a betting man i would say this is a mix of ghoul heart and some circlet or something like it.


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1) White runeword isn't godly. I sold it for Trang-out armor.

2) It's such a waste to insert a Jah rune. Go to find someone and trade. You make a good deal. Everyone is dreaming of teleportation.

3) The amulet is ok but not that good. Unique doesn't mean anything. I've got a +3 Poison and Bone ammy and I like it. Read the numbers and words. Don't read the color.

4) Wizspike IS good, but not that hard to find.

5) No offense, but the charms seem to be copied and pasted.

6) This guy is not godly except he can shoot really fast.

Nothing personal. Just some frank comments.


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Cerebron said:
1) White runeword isn't godly. I sold it for Trang-out armor.
I would say the white wand is actually pretty nice. +3 bspirit and +3 bspear along w/ other minor mods is not bad at all. What more could you really ask for in a white wand, besides +to decrep?

However, he could probably do better in duels with a HotO, considering he has so many +skills already, and the otehr mods of HotO far outweigh those of a white.

White runeword by itself isn't godly.... white wand with +3bspirit and spear is tho.

However, I agree that a runeworded nec could easily hold his own w/ this guy. The only things that slightly impressed me were all the charms, and the white wand. No, the shield didn't impress me at all.

Well, I guess... congrats on finding a good necro? Frankly, those people with lots of items on non-ladder dont' much impress me at all. I am far more impressed by necs with godly gear on ladder play.



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.08 viscerant was duped as well, so dont think its legit.

only thing impressive on that list was the white wand, everything else isnt that impressive, ive got 10x pb gcs with life too, whoopdee do

dark please close this pointless thread.

Dark Knight

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Yeah I'm thinking to leave this thread open actually as basically a "necro dueller leet gear screenshots" thread.

Ash Housewares

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.08 visceratuant is my God, I am glad 1.10 came along and let me take out the pdiamond I put in one of them ages ago


Ash Housewares said:
.08 visceratuant is my God, I am glad 1.10 came along and let me take out the pdiamond I put in one of them ages ago
That is a cool sheild.:)

On second thought Dracoy those items are pretty godly for NvN.