and i thought anni scams couldnt get any dumber...


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and i thought anni scams couldnt get any dumber...

its funny going into anni trade games and seeing how people try to scam me. but this one just tops the cake in my mind. this sorc tells me to go wait outside and show my item. but something is kinda weird. his merc is outside just standing there next to me i'm like.. right.. so i dropped to show. then she went hostle on me. i'm like.. right. my merc killed hers in 2 hits. i'm like u gotta be kidding me. what are you trying to do!! AND THEN!! he has the nerv to ask for gold for his merc. come on people.... this is just SAD. so uhh if u wana trade ... watch out for the lurking merc outside!! and incase u dont understand how the scam is supposed to work.. for safty reasons u drop ur charm their merc kills u.. she runs outside and gets then leaves. but of course my merc was just a lil bit to powerful :X


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heh what a bum lol man i can't believe the moron's out there that try this stuff....if your looking for anni charm check the trade forums here guys will
trade honestly with ya cause you can complain if the trade goes bad....


Almost as bad as the person calling in a friend to have him pick up both items and give them to us "fairly."

I just sat there with a, "o___________________O" expression for a while and finally said, "You're kidding, right?"