And... a much delayed sepvirate: Patriarch #7 Manígulat


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Named after a sky god from a novel by Javier Negrete. Sky... wind... sound better in my head.

Strength: 126 (227) more than needed duh
Dexterity: 35 (46)
Vitality: 294 (362)
Energy: 20 (20)

Life: ~1.000 (~1.700 with Battle Orders; 2.800 with Oak Sage that never survives to be useful)
Resists: 43 fire; -5 cold; 37 lit; 100 poison; lvl 20 cyclone armor though
Skills: 20 Tornado, 20 Hurricane, 20 twister, 20 cyclone armor, 9 oak sage; probably better with artic blast to help with immunes

Weapon/Shield: Heart of the Oak Flail 38 resist all / Spirit Monarch 35% fcr
Switch: Call to Arms Double Axe +6 BO/+5 BC / Spirit Monarch
Helm: rare circlet +2 elemental skills 20 fcr 23 str 37 PR
Armor: Enigma Light Plate
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty cord
Gloves: Frostburn
Boots: Sandstorm 14/14
Amulet: rare +2 druid 10% fcr
Rings: 2 Stones of Jordan

Inventory: resist charms

Holy Freeze with shaeled TRT / Treachery dusk shroud / Guillaume (ias jewel) to handle immunes

So apparently I was missing a druid to get a septvirate. So I finished this guy. As much as I love casters, I freaking hate the random pattern of Tornado as much as I hate blessed hammer. Being able to reposition himself with Enigma kinda solved the problem. That's what OP Runewords are for, aren't they? Anyway remind me a lot of the gameplay of an underpowered hammerdin. And I hate hammerdins. That's why this section is so small. I mean, your game plan is: teleport to your enemies because you are tanky and spam your main skill and hope for the better because you aren't able to direct it better.

NM HF: Sol
Hell HF: Lum

Notable finds
Fal, Naguel Ring in Act IV NM
Dwarf Star in Act V NM

Plans for the future
I'd like to try AT with this guy. But I will probably burn his socket quests and retire him.
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Congrats on the Pat and completing your Sept. I hear you about the randomness of Tornado and Blessed Hammer *grits teeth*.


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Congrats. Well done !!! I actually like Hammerdins. But never played many Windy Druids and seem to recall I hated the erratic pathing as well.