Ancients Normal


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Ancients Normal

Was a long time since I played the game, havnt played since the first 1.10 ladder reset, so I was wondering what level I need to be to kill the ancients in normal? To get the quest that is.


20 - 40 - 60 for normal - nightmare - hell

(damn someone was faster)

and yes, 25 for baalruns, i wouldnt recomend them though they are soooo boring
yes. ancients will take you to lvl 21. so from 21-25, you should do cows. a few games is all it takes.

also, the fastest way i've found to lvl from 10-20 is to kill all the scarebs (lightning bugs) in the area before tal rasha's tomb - canyon of the magi if i remember right. they die with one hit and give good experience. but you'll probably want to be wearing full sigs with a couple cheap lightning resist rings or else you'll get zapped.