An outroduction thread.


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An outroduction thread.

I've found a new game. It's called Real-Life (TM).
I'm going to gain a few levels there now.

It has been a fun and nice stay here over at the SPF. Thanks to the wealth of good advice and knowledge I've learned a LOT about the game. I also enjoyed trading here, playing in tournaments, a few MP games, in short, all kinds of stuff that kinda contradict the name single player forum.

I might return someday, and when I do, I expect to see a name above mine in the Glass Cannon tourney.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

AJK out. :wave:


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Oh dude, NOOOOoooooooooo!!!!!!

May you make it to Guardian :grin:


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I have to agree with Thyiad. Sad to see you go, mate. :(

Best of luck with your RL, and I hope you drop around here some time or other to let us know how you're doin.

GL, and have a great RL. Cya AJK.
:wave: :sad:

Oh, and so ya know, I LOVE your avatar in a strange sort of way. It's awesome.


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Bye bye AJK. Sad to see you go. I feel like you've been around longer than your join date says.

"Oh, and so ya know, I LOVE you in a strange sort of way. It's awesome." :wink2:


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Wow- hate to see a quality player take a break, but I hope that's exactly what it is...... we'll save a place for you when RL cuts you some slack.
Fair winds, and following seas.


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Sanity speaking: GG have great RL experience, go beyond 99 if you can :grin:

SPF member speaking: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

GL AJK hope to see you again at some point :wave:

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GL to you AJK. Hate to see a player of your caliber leave. Like the song says, "you can check out any time you like but, you can never leave".:grin:


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*gasp* A quitter!

Everybody, you know what you have to do. *searches after rope in backpack*

So long, AJK.


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Good ridance! wait.. wait... that's not what I ment. :laugh:

So long AJK and good luck! I'm still thoroughly impressed with your Glass Canon Guardian, you won my respect (not that I disrespected you before though).

Your 'tar will be missed (but not your 'tarded ness :wink3: )

and DD!



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wow its sad to see you go, promise to stop in from time to time and let us know how things are going.

good luck and hope reel life isnt such a hard game as iv told (i cant seem to find a good guide


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Damn, a shame to see you go, I always enjoyed reading your posts.

Good luck with RL, drop in some time and let us know how you are doing.

Cya soon :wave:


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Sad to see a player of your depth and skill leave, but real-life is more important than a game, so good luck with it. Like the others have said, drop by from time to time, and let us know what's up.


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Young man, come along this instant and say goodbye to the bar...

We'll get you so drunk you won't be leaving any time soon


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GL in RL, hope to see you back in the not too distant future. Sad to see one of the wittiest posters in the SPF leave.


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I'm so sorry that you're going AJK. You have been a great supporter of my various "screenie" competitions. Your talent for the game and eye for a good picture will be sorely missed.

In tribute, here is a repost of one of your pictures. IMHO, one of the best screenshots ever taken

Take it easy dude.