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I thought I would introduce myself since I might be posting here a little bit, and the occasional trade. I'm male, 28 years old from Australia. I have been playing DII for ten years, on and off. Recently, I got my little brother into the game, and he consequently got me back into it.

I haven't played seriously in a long time. When I got back into the game I had only one char, a level ~80 Blizzard Sorceress. I used to have quite a few chars and some great gear, but have lost all of those chars and a lot of gear somewhere along the line.

Since I got back I have been running LK and Meph to get back some rune wealth and low/mid uniques, and have been very happy with my finds! I have also started playing 1.07 for the first time, and have a Sorceress in NM Act III presently.

My real passion in DII is building level 30 LLD chars, so that has been my main project. I have an Assassin, a Druid and an Amazon on the go. I'm not sure if anyone does MP LLD here anymore, but give me a shout if you do and when I have these chars ready we can have a duel. :)


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I've also restarted many times, it's really nice when almost every set or unique which drops is a grailer :)

I don't think there's much going on with duels, especially the LL kind, but there's a steady stream of new members flowing in so you could ask around the MP forums to see if there's interest.


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Welcome, and enjoy your stay :).

As to LLD, we do have a PVP thread here at the SPF. I was actually quite sure there had been some posts this year after a long hiatus, but it seems the last one already dates from 2015. Still, you could try there.